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Real Simple Syndication (RSS)
Brief description of RSS

Significance of Multiple Email Addresses
Know about the various advantages of multiple email ids to your online business

Flash Website using Progressive Enhancement
Develope a search engine friendly flash website

Misconceptions about Search Engine Optimization
An introduction to various wrong methods of SEO

Origin of E-commerce
Go through the historical development of E-commerce

Optimizing the graphics
The need to optimize the graphics

Site layouts, Frames and Tables
Things that you should know about site layout, tables and frames

Image gallery using Java Script
create an image gallery using simple JavaScript

E-book - A Marketing tool
Develop an e-book as a vital marketing tool for your website

Understanding Web Services
Brief information on web services

Information Design
Information Design is dedicated to making information as effective as possible

Impact of Colours on your Website
Colour is the most effective tool that can be used to make an impact

Ethical Outsourcing
Outsourcing ethics enhance the profits.

Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration
Buying space for hosting your website and registering a domain name for your business is an important decision

Strategies for Link Popularity
strategies for enhancing the link popularity

Keywords for Search Engine Optimization
Methods of searching keywords for your website

How to Design Good HTML Websites
A few simple guidelines on developing user and search engine friendly html website

Online Marketing
Techniques to market your business online

Directory Submission
Various factors to be looked at before submitting your links to the directories

Create an Icon for your website
Customize icons for your website.

What are functions and subroutines in ASP?
Make your ASP coding efficient by using Functions and Subroutines.

Fifth mutable law of web marketing:

10 Ways to attract web traffic and increase your profits
Techniques for enhancing the profits

Front-end web developer
Upcoming field in the world of web development

Web analytics
Understand and use web analytics

Drafting contents for Websites.
Write good and original content for your website.

Outsourcing Partner
There are various factors that have to be considered before finalising your outsourcing partner.

Essential details for web development
There are many details to be considered while getting your site built.

Design your own website
Guidelines on what to do before you get your website designed.

Optimize ASP site for better performance
Enhance the functioning fo your site by ensure efficient and optimised performance of ASP application.

Role of Keywords
Learn about role played by keyowrds for boosting your page rank and the site traffic

Search Engine Friendly Web pages
How to have a search engine friendly web pages.

Fourth mutable law of web marketing:
Continuation in the series of laws to help you in web marketing

What is Phishing?
Beware of copycat impostors

Web Graphics
Description of various types of graphics used on the web

Importance of a Website for a business
Get acquainted with the benefits of having a website for your business

Third mutable law of web marketing
Continuation in the series of laws to help you in web marketing.

Introduction to Corporate Blogging
Corporate blogging is an upcoming trend in the field of marketing.

Maintaining your company's website
Various factors considered while maintaining websites.

Process of Outsourcing
The process cycle of outsourcing

Web Page: Avoid a Virus
Prevent catching virus from your web pages.

Second law of web marketing:
Continuation in the series of laws to help you in web marketing.

Web Design and Development Tools
A brief introduction to various tools used for web development and designing.

Managing an outsourcing process
Techniques to manage the outsourcing process

Ecommerce troubles
An insight on number of problems faced by Ecommerce merchants.

India: Technical advancement
A brief introduction to the technical advancement in India

Technical advancement in India
Technical India

Outsourcing Company
Understand outsourcing

Web development company
Choose the right web development company

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Pegasus Family is Growing
Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd. is expanding its family.

Time Monitoring Tool
An insight on our in-house time monitoring tool.

Pegasus Project Tracking System
Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt Ltd. launches a bug tracking system. Read more to find out.

Retail Management Software
Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd. develops customized Retail management software. Read more to find out…

Who is Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd.?
Welcome to the world of Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd. Read to know more about who we are and what we do....


PHP Manual
The latest version of the complete PHP Manual for reference.

PERL Manual
The latest version of the complete PERL Manual for reference.


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