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ow to Design Good HTML Websites

HTML script forms the foundation of any website and it has to be developed with utmost care. Graphics, keywords, Meta tags have to be included sensibly in the HTML script. There are many potholes that hinder the quality of the website. A few simple guidelines can help the html website become more user and search engine friendly.

* Images change the look and the feel of the website altogether but increase the time of website to load. Designing a website with small images is a good option as it will change the look and also the website will not take much time to load.

Images can't be read or understood until they are described through a text. Images need alternative, or ALT, text assigned to them. Alt text is basically a description of the image. In Internet Explorer we can see this ALT text, simply by placing the mouse over the image. ALT tags with keywords can also be used achieve better rankings

* Often, designers create only image map links from the home page to inside pages. Unfortunately a search engine which cannot follow the image links would not be able to reach to the more descriptive pages inside the website.

Adding some HTML hyperlinks to the home page will help the search engine to crawl through major inside pages or sections of your web site . The best place to put them would be at the bottom of the webpage which can be even useful to the users.

* Frames are good if you need something to remain on the screen while something else changes, like a table of contents or navigation tools. Frames help to keep the logo, advertisements and the content of the website organized but using frames can prevent search engines from finding pages within a web site.

The best solution is to have an alternative method for the search engine to enter and index the website either by adding Meta tags to the home page or smart design.

* Website with dark background normally fails to attract a large amount of audience. Though it's just being different but a light background with a contrasting dark colored text is always a feature of a good website.

Care should be taken while choosing the colors so as to make the text visible clearly. Spamming the search engines by using the same color text as that of the background color to make the text invisible to browsers should be avoided

* Website with a lot of pages and no content or with lot of images and no content is of no use. The website must have the relevant content and the title tag. The page's HTML title tag is most important. Again the page with just title tag and no content is a waste.

Htmlzing the web page in such a manner that the keywords remain on the top and the other scripts are below it helps the search engines to cache the keywords easily.

These small points if taken into consideration while designing can make up a website which will be search engine friendly, fast and reliable.

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