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Businesses today need a sturdy, but entrepreneurial support system to respond to the rapidly changing market conditions. Staying ahead in the competition needs a drive for growth and business transformation. Pegasus InfoCorp provides best-in-class teams, technology innovations and business services to revolutionise the way businesses work. We work with our clients on the following high level service lines.

Technology Consulting

Our technology consulting service specialises on allocating large expert teams working offsite from our development centres, or onsite from our client’s offices to deliver on our client’s needs. We allocate teams across technologies, including very niche platforms, to augment our client’s in-house teams. Our consultants work as per our client’s business goals, delivery processes and I.T. policies to deliver on their requirements. We've built processes, infrastructure and culture to ensure that our teams off-shore are indistinguishable from our client’s teams next-door. And our processes ensure that our consultants stay updated with the latest thinking and technology trends to help provide excellent service to clients.

Business Applications

Our business applications development and management services help build software platforms to address business challenges - from designing customer experiences to optimising application portfolios to managing information security risks. We provide application management outsourcing and enterprise architecture services across 12+ technology platforms to our clients across industries. We build and maintain custom software tailor-made for clients, and build on top of ready software packages as required; and we work on robust SLAs, delivered by a cost-effective mix of onshore and offshore resources.

I.T. Services

We help implement our client's I.T. strategies by providing systems integration, application modernisation and optimisation, quality testing, and performance engineering services. We also provide end-to-end IT infrastructure services to help build and manage highly available, reliable IT infrastructure, capable of meeting the dynamic business needs of our clients. Our IT services help clients prioritize flexibility, speed and efficiency in their businesses.

Enterprise Mobility

We offer enterprise mobile and tablet based solutions tailored to our client's unique industry challenges. Harnessing enterprise-level mobility helps increase the efficiency of business processes, improves decision-making in the office and in the field, and delivers (and collects) accurate information, all in real-time. We cover every aspect of mobile and tablet application development—both on the enterprise-side and consumer-facing side. Across clients, we have demonstrated the ability to use mobility innovations to improve customer engagement and loyalty, improve workforce learning and productivity and slash overhead costs.

Cloud Applications

Our cloud computing teams bring the required expertise and experience to benefit from the speed and flexibility that cloud based development and infrastructure offers. We help clients in developing a cloud strategy and managing a composite environment. We help assess our client’s client’s cloud readiness before developing a strategy and guiding clients accordingly. And we then design and deploy cloud based solutions that fit with our client’s business goals.

IOT Applications

We help our clients build their Internet Of Things (IOT) infrastructure and applications. We begin with embedded programming on the right sensors, modules and devices most suitable for each client's needs. And then getting our client's systems and machines acquire optimal data from these IOT assets. And we then build the right analytics systems, security platforms and business applications for maximising our client's IOT investments.

AI Applications

We partner with clients to identify and implement the best Artificial Intelligence (AI) frameworks and solutions to automate their business processes. We build applications that use natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, deep learning algorithms, pattern recognition and semantic ontologies and knowledge modelling technologies to lead to automation. Applications include virtual help desk agents, intelligent risk monitoring, predictive systems, robotic process automation, knowledge virtualisation and cognitive process automation.

Business Analytics

Our business analytics service helps organisations effectively by combining industry knowledge, with cutting edge mathematical, statistical and technology tools to build an enterprise-wide analytics culture. We use customer, risk and operations analytics to turn existing data into predictive knowledge to drive business outcomes. We help leverage big data technologies to deliver business intelligence solutions, enhanced insights and analytics to various industries.

Operations Outsourcing

We partner with global enterprises for outsourcing a wide range of front-and-back office processes. Besides cost savings, our business process outsourcing (BPO) services are a lever for driving growth and innovation for clients. We provide services across different functions including sales and marketing, health administration and management, sourcing and procurement, finance and accounting, human resources, and customer relationship management. We offer KPO (knowledge process outsourcing) services for our clients which include data management, analytics and reporting, and industry specific processes (such as legal process outsourcing and insurance process outsourcing).

To know more about us, our services and solutions, drop us a message or mail us at info@pegasusinfocorp.com
Services | Pegasus InfoCorp  
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