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reate an Icon for your website

Icon is a graphical symbol representing existing programs or commands, data files or folders or any idea in a graphical user interface. Icons augment communications carried via computers.

Different types of icons are available in different applications such as

  • Part of Operating System's desktop environment like Windows XP, Macintosh, Linux etc
  • Part of a specific computer application like Microsoft word
  • Within internet websites or other online applications.

There are 7 types of icons

  • Application icons: The act as function icons and they are found in MS word, Photoshop, Internet Explorer and Excel. They are also known as Software icons or Interface icons.
  • Emoticons: The identity icons used to a greater extent to display the user's emotion while chatting. They are found in all of the messenger / chat software's. They are also known as Emots, Smiley icons, etc.
  • Desktop Icons: They are function icons and are known as computer icons. They are a part of the Operating System's desktop environment like Windows XP, Macintosh, Linux etc
  • Messenger Icons: They are very similar to Emoticons but with a difference. Emoticons indicate the emotions while the messenger icons indicate the identity. Messenger icons are also used during chats but they help in identifying the user.
  • Avatars: They are a part of web forums and certain bulletin boards. They act as identity icons and are known as Message board icons or Forum icons.
  • Website Icons: As the name suggests they are a part of the internet interface used for the purpose of functions. They are also known as Web Interface icons, Clipart icons and web buttons.
  • Misfits or the Rogue icons: They are basically the non-standard icons or the WTF icon. They aren't found in any particular environment or denote any particular utility.

How to create your own unique icon?

There are various software tools like Microsoft PhotoDraw, Icon Collector Graphics Editor, Microangelo and ForgeIcon etc which are available online and would help in creating your own Favicon.

Uploading the icon on your server :

You can upload the icon through Cute FTP. Many webmasters upload the file on the old browser by merely adding the FTP path in the location bar. If you have the login and password then you can also copy-paste the file in the browser. After uploading it you need to save it in the folder of your need or choice.

Now whenever your website will be accessed the icon will show up. This is how you can create and use your own icons on your websites.

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