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ntroduction to Corporate Blogging

Corporate blogging is fast becoming an upcoming trend in the domain of marketing for the corporate sector. We discovered that corporate blogs are giving established corporations and obscure brands the ability to connect with their audiences on a personal level, build trust, collect valuable feedback and foster strengthened relationships while and at the same time benefiting in ways that are tangible to the sales and marketing side of the business.

Objectives of Corporate blogging:

Before writing a blog company's objectives behind the blog have to be identified and also estimate / calculate how business blogging can help support those objectives. Corporate Blog's goals could include any of the following (or a combination of them):

  • Public Relations-management of crisis situations, promoting company vision and developments etc
  • Customer Relationship Building /Management- fostering customer loyalty, building relationships with clients and customers etc.
  • Increasing Sales -directly promoting products and services - for example announcing new products.
  • Brand Building and Information – Building a brand for the product and giving customers information on how to use products
  • SEO- optimizing the company's website in the search engines.

It differs from company to company the objectives of blogging. Some companies have multiple blogs for different goals.

There are few things to be kept in mind while writing and posting a corporate blog.

  • The content of the blog plays a very important part. The more fresh content the search engines can find about a company, the better will be its PR. The usefulness of the content and its ability to attract a good readership should also be a consideration.
  • Reading or at least going through some blogs would help a lot in writing.
  • Avoid disclosing any information that is confidential or proprietary to the company.
  • While there is no requirement to run ads on blog, but it is possible to place an advertisement. Normally ads are avoided in corporate blogs as these are for their own company. You may provide a link from to your corporate website if needed.
  • In order to develop a consistent readership, you should try to write on a regular basis.

A company's good blogging strategy will produce the strongest community goodwill, and that goodwill brings the most marketing and sales returns.

This article has been compiled by the content development team at Pegasus InfoCorp which pulls subject matter specialists from different work domains. They can be contacted through the Pegasus InfoCorp website at Pegasus InfoCorp is an India based web design, web development and online/ offline software development company. Please visit to read more articles and know more about us!

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