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-book - A Marketing tool

The art of arranging information on the webpage in such a manner that the end user can utilize it with ease and efficiency is known as information design. Information has to been organized in a systematic manner on the site so that the site visitor can interpret it. The difference between web designing and information designing is that web designing concentrates on the design of the website but information designing takes into account the arrangement of information on the website.

E-book is the electronic version of a book or you can say a book in a digital form. An e-book covers wide range of topics just like the normal books do but an e-book has the advantage of boosting your site traffic. They not only provide your visitors with valuable information, but also enable you to promote your products and services. It's always preferable to create an e-book on the topic related to your website and make it available to your visitors on the website.

Here are a few tips for writing an e book

  • Conduct a through research about the topic on which the e-book has to be written. The research should include the detailed information and expert opinions on the topic. The research should refine your outline, making the book complete and highly informative. Keep a separate document that works as bibliography- facts and figures are important. Decide the target audience for the e-book before beginning with the actual writing. The e-book should be relevant to your website in order to get targeted audience.
  • Title and the content are the most important factors on which the success of the e-book depends. Title reflects the whole image of the book. So a considerate time should be given to decide the title of the e-book. The purpose of the e-book is to provide information to the visitor so the content should be drafted in such a way that it would be useful and simple. Again the content, it's formatting and layout of the website all depends on the type of the target audience. Sharing the experience you have gained throughout your business tenure can also be a part of the content. Examples can make the content lively and give an edge to your e-book from the other books.
  • Put your company's logo and website URL below the title to have a good impact on the visitors. Mention the company's website along with the services of the company in the e-book.
  • To put your e-book online you need the assistance of some software packages or make PDF files and upload them on the website. There are several software packages available which help you in compiling your e-book. Choose the software that allows you to include hyperlinks; graphics, search, forms, etc. keeping in mind that the more professional, content rich your e-book, the more exposure it will receive.

If the e-book is written with the purpose of increasing your website traffic then it's preferable to provide it for free download. It would be great if you can post them on other websites also for free download. Normally there are websites (related to yours) in which you can put your e-book for free download. The reason these host websites place your e-book as they also get benefited by it not only in terms of traffic but also information.

E-book is a source of information and a powerful tool of acquiring free promotion. It represents the company's image and boosts the confidence of the reader in your company.

Not only will it provide you with the opportunity to share your expertise, but also help people learn about the services offered by your company. An e-book can be a great viral marketing tool that can get a lot of people reading you book as well as visiting your website.

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