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egasus Family is Growing

Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd. is expanding its strength. We have doubled the number of our team in the past few months. The management lead at Pegasus includes team members with a deep insight and exposure to different business practices. International best practices are adopted by former employees at Fortune 500 companies, with work experience in different countries worldwide.

We believe in ‘Quality' and while selecting a new member, make sure that the person fits our work culture, is an all rounder and a great team member in addition to excellent technological knowledge. The Pegasus culture promotes smart, passionate and innovative members who share a deep belief in the power of the Internet to help businesses, institutions and professionals.

Our technology team combines the best of engineering talent in India , with the most passionate and knowledgeable of college computer nerds who are blessed with a knack for technology. The team primarily pulls members from India 's premiere engineering schools - including the IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology).These are mixed with internet gurus who have evolved from the hacking culture, but are also well equipped with a string of certifications such as the 'Microsoft Certified Professional' degree. Many members of our technology team have won Internet portal development competitions at prestigious tournaments.

Visit our site to know about us.

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