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ront-end web developer

Web development is generally associated either with web designers or web developers. The profile of a Front-end web developer exists in between, which works as a connection between the designer and the developer dealing with both . Scientifically putting, Front–end web developer is a hybrid position which deals with the job profiles of both a web developer and a designer. Front-end web developer's work is to coordinate with the designers, developers and project managers to ensure the customer is satisfied and happy with the output.

Profile of a Front-end web developer:

A Front-end developer is neither a code programmer nor a core designer. They are the people who make sure that the backend and front end of the website merge with each other and get displayed on the browser very similar to the design.

All the websites do not run with similar efficiency on all the servers or machines. This is because the website is not compatible to that particular browser. To avoid this from happening it is significant to ensure that all the standards are incorporated in the website such that it rums on all the browsers. This is handled by the Front-end web developer.

If any thing goes wrong at the clients end the one accountable for it would be the front end web developer. The main job of the front end developer is to take care that the designer and the developer develop the site according to the requirements of the customer or end user. Their responsibility is to make the website user friendly.

The front-end web developers have to up date themselves with latest technologies and various testing techniques on new and existing site features. However before implementing any new applications in the website it should be tested carefully as many of the new technologies have a greater chance of backfiring or they may affect the other functionalities of the website.

Front end developers have no special recognition in the web development industry but it's an extremely challenging position. Being updated with the latest upcoming technologies and bringing them into utilization along with the consideration of the client's requirements is tough. As the market is widening the position has started gaining appreciation. Front end developer though is not much recognized but is going to be a successful career option in coming years.

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