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ole of Keywords

Keywords play an important role in enhancing the optimization process of any website as search engines use them to index your websites. Keywords are also used by the visitors to search for information through which they are able to access the websites providing relevant information on the internet.

For example if you are into selling flowers online then you have to choose the keywords accordingly.

This article discusses the different techniques for researching keywords and where you need to place them on your web pages.

Guidelines for Researching Keywords:

  • Make a list of eligible keywords:

    Make a list all the words that come to your mind.
    For example;
    Indian Roses
    Carnation blossoms
    Bunch of pansies etc

  • List the keywords from a visitor's point of view.
  • Refer to the keywords used by your competitor websites
  • Try avoiding single words as keywords as they are supersaturated, they do not give targeted results and traffic.


  • Research your listed keywords:
  • Figure out the popularity of your keywords by using various resources like Seochat, WordTracker and AltaVista etc
  • These resources also help you in figuring out the popularity of these keywords, they will help you in zeroing on keywords which are less saturated but will give a good result to your web pages.

Placing the keywords:

It is very essential for you to strategically place your keywords for the web page to get indexed by the search engine.

  • Incorporate the keywords in your text

The important positions for your keywords will be at the top of the page, headlines, first paragraph and the last paragraph. Make sure you use the exact words (keywords) that describe your website and they should be incorporated in all the pages of your website. If not all the places then ensure that the keywords are placed in the above mentioned strategic positions.

  • Include the keywords in Meta Tags

In an HTML version of your web page, the site title is seen in the blue bar of the browser screen. It will be something like “supplier of Indian flowers” This is not the name of your company it's just a very short depiction of your company. Similarly we have to put in the keyword descriptions like “Indian flowers and supplier of Indian flowers online” Similarly you can you use attractive sentences for your site description. You can use different descriptions for the title, keywords and individual page.

  • Add keywords in ALT tag:

Use different phrases with the keywords in the ALT tag for the images that you put up on your website. These ALT tags are indexed by the search engines. The chances of getting a higher page rank increases when these ALT tags are read along with the keywords.

  • Add keywords to the domain name and names of web pages

Using keywords as your domain name and page names enhances the page ranking. For example you can use domain names as Indian or Flora of as your domain names. Your page names can be Indian-roses, bunch of pansies, etc.

Right keywords with right placing will not only give you a good traffic but will also boost your rankings.

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