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hird mutable law of web marketing

Law of Trust:

Manufacturing high quality goods is half work done. These products don't sell by themselves. You need to market them. However, marketing even done using the right techniques is not enough. Creating trust among the customers for your products is very essential. No trust no business.

Trust is your brand name, a name that convinces the customer of complete satisfaction and fulfilled expectations. Customers recognize products on the basis of their respective brand names. Their trust in the brand to deliver quality goods propels to buy the goods.

There are innumerable brands coming up. It is becoming difficult to create trust among the consumers. So what can you do to create brand trust among your customers online?

  • Make you site information rich. Put detailed information of your services and products on the net. Don't use confusing sentences. Keep it as simple as possible. Even a layman should understand what your company is all about.
  • Answer all the doubts you think your customers will ask about your products. If you are mentioning about the positive effects of your products do not forget to touch upon the shortcomings. This will imply your company's honesty.
  • Your site should portray your contact details including your office address, telephone numbers etc. You can emphasize these details by uploading an image of your office. You can also upload your management team's photographs on your site. This helps in giving your company a face. It is easier for humans to trust something that they can see compared to something that is invisible to them.
  • Place testimonials and opinions of well known people who have used your products and or services on your site.
  • Display clear shipping and return policies on your site.
  • Make sure you answer people's queries as soon as possible. That will give them a feeling of importance.

So make sure your site is trustworthy to your visitors.

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