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earch Engine Friendly Web pages

We all know that having a web presence is very essential for every upcoming business. Just getting a beautiful website developed for your firm is not enough; it should be able to attract the targeted audience which is possible only if the website is indexed by search engines. The website should be designed and developed in such a way that it not only leaves a good impression on visitors mind but also is search engine friendly. Search engines use various software's / robots / spiders to crawl throughout the site, hence each and every page in the website plays a significant role in deciding the place of the website in the search engine.

There are many factors to be taken into consideration while designing a website to make it search engine friendly.

  • Search engines love content; hence the content should be drafted carefully. Make sure your content is written in a natural language and provides all the information about the company and its products in such a way that it answers all the questions of the visitor. Adding highly targeted keywords to the content plays an important role in the website ranking.
  • Many instances the coding of the website prevents the spiders from crawling the website. So the coding should be done from a search engine optimization point of view.
  • Cookies or session ids are a hurdle in the path of search engines.
  • There are many websites which have the same title tags and Meta tags for each and every page of the website. The title tag is probably the most important thing a search engine looks at from all the other elements on your site. Different title tags and Meta tags for every page will prove beneficial to a website to obtain higher page rank.
  • The sizes of images also play an important role in making the website search engine friendly. Websites with large images are often ignored by search engines as they take long time to load. To make a website search engine friendly it should be ensured that there are fewer small sized images.
  • Good quality articles and reciprocal links from related and good PR sites are also part of search engine friendly websites. Relevant articles attract huge traffic which has the potential to be converted into customers and improve the position of the website in a search engine.
  • Websites with clean html coding are fast to load so writing extra codes should be avoided.

In short a search engine friendly site simply means a website with good and relevant information, easily accessible and easy to load and that is the best in its field.

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