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eally Simple Syndication (RSS)

RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary' and is used to organize news or information. RSS assists in placing the content into a standardized format, which can be viewed and organized through RSS-aware software or automatically conveyed as new content on another website.

In simple terms RSS is a standard set-up which allows the users to share your content immediately with other users and websites; and also permits quick access to your articles, blogs, newsletter etc. RSS is an authentic process of boosting your site traffic. There is a program known as feed reader which can check the list of feeds for the user and displays the articles it finds on the net. RSS are user friendly, easily accessible, fast and active.

RSS provides the website with good content which in turn provides the site visitors with great information. When the website provides the visitors with great information they keep coming back to your site and hence enhances your site traffic.

Following are the various reasons as to why making RSS available will improve your search engine ranking.

  1. They provide with good relevant content with relevant keywords. They also provide keywords within the anchor tags and anchor tags are valued more by the search engine spiders then any other tags.
  2. They add new relevant content making sure your website has a healthy supply of good content. Addition of new content prevents your website from decaying. Updating your site with new relevant content on regular basis.
  3. Thanks to RSS feeds, search engine spiders crawl through your site more frequently some times daily. Your RSS does the SEO for you and helps your website in achieving a higher rank.

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