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eb analytics

Technological advancement boosted the internet market. The trends of marketing changed, business owners were in a mad rush to build their websites and later on for increasing the traffic. Slowly they realized the impact of internet marketing on their websites and their business. This is when web analytics came into the picture.

Web analytics is the analysis or the measure of details like the number of people who visit your website, number of unique visitors, how they accessed your site, the keywords they use to look for your site, how long they stay on your site, what links they clicked on and when they left your site. To sum up in a line Web analytics tracks the site visitations, site hits, returning visitors, etc.

The web analytics is a very useful tool for the website owner to devise techniques to increase the site traffic and in return enhance their business.

Some of the setbacks that are dealt with the help of Web Analytics are;

  • Bounce rate:

    A visitor visits your site looks at the homepage and then bounces (leaves) away without looking at the other links forms the bounce rate. The bounce rate keeps us informed about our homepage performance. All the websites have bounce rates and these rates vary according to the services, products, and information etc on the website.

    If your website is not providing the right information or drawing the wrong traffic, then you have a high bounce rate.

    The various techniques through which you can prevent high bounce rates is

    • Regular updates- This includes updating the content, the design on the homepage etc

    •  Use visitor tracking service - This service will help you keeps a track of the number of visitors visiting your site, the pages visited by them, number of unique visitors, the keywords used by them to search for your website etc.

    Depending on the report you get from the visitor tracking service you can modify or update the details on your site to ensure lesser bounce rates.

  • Drop out rate:

    It denotes the number of visitors who visit your site select / choose products but do not buy them. The drop out rate can either increase or decrease with time. The website should be so designed that the contact information of the visitor is stored. The information should consist of the date, time and product to be purchased. These visitors can be later contacted to understand the reason for abandoning the purchase.

    The best way to decrease the drop out rate is to interact with the customers, get their feedback on the current purchase process, and learn about the short comings with the current process.

  • Profit and Loss:

    Web analytics helps to keep a tab on the investments done and the returns achieved on these investments. This consists of marketing reports on larger scale. These reports disclose where the money comes from, where it is utilized, and what can be done to improve the same. This information will assist in improving the marketing techniques and managing the budget in an more effective manner.

  • Analysis of the path:

    It is very essential to have a customer friendly website which follows an amicable path starting from the homepage to the products / services page, then to check out page and finally to the Thank you page. You also may have variations in the form of articles, tutorials, forums etc. on your website which will help in providing additional information about your services or products to the visitors. A customer friendly pathway of your website will ensure decrease in bounce rate and drop out rate.

    Web analytics plays an important role in enhancing you're the traffic to your website thus ensuring a good business all along. Tracking the factors that affect the traffic and business is not enough it is also necessary to analyze them which is done by web analytics.

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