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ime Monitoring Tool

Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd. has started an in-house time monitoring tool for all associates working on each project.

Associates at Pegasus are always multitasking as they work on different projects in a day. The in-house time monitoring tool or commonly known as Time Sheet amongst the employees helps to keep an accurate record of time spent on each assignment ranging from designing , developing, SEO, content writing, Project management etc.

Each associate has been assigned a username and password for this timesheet.

The time sheet has following categories:


Task name

Start Time
End Time

This monitoring tool helps the employers to keep a record on hourly basis. This also helps in keeping a tab on the time spent by each team on a particular project.

We will be implementing a new feature ‘Job Scheduling' to the time monitoring tool shortly. This is will be a different application but will be linked from the Time Sheet.

Job Scheduling will be maintaining detailed records of the work handled by each of the employee. This application will answer questions like Who gave the work? When was the completion scheduled? What was the extension period for completing the work? Etc.

These are our efforts towards achieving a well defined management process for the smooth functioning of our company.

Visit our site to know about us.

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