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ho is Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd.?

"Do what you love to do and you will never have to work again" most of the wise sages say....Hmm well they have preached and we are practicing it at Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd.

Work could never be more fun!!

Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd. was founded on a single powerful belief among its two founders that the Internet could enhance and transform businesses in an amazing way. And guess what??? It has. For businesses in the new millennium there is no future without an Internet presence. The Internet has worldwide access.

A website is your identity on the Internet, like an interactive 'business card'. It can be the potential client's first point of contact, presented by sensational, easily updated design, your site can sell you, your products and your services. It can be used as a powerful promotional and marketing tool, viewed by prospective clients around the world. One can see what you offer in England and Japan at the same time.

This is what, we at Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd. have been doing for the past four years. We have and are giving businesses recognition on the NET. Visit our site to check out our list of elegant clientele....

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