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ignificance of Multiple Email Addresses

Multiple email addresses play an important role in enhancing online businesses. Internet acts as the lifeline of online businesses and is utilized for marketing and conducting online business.

Website owners have several email accounts which include a couple of POP email accounts and web-based email accounts. An email account which can be accessed through a Web browser is a web based mail account. The interface is implemented as a Web site that provides access to various functions like reading, sending or organizing messages. Emails are not downloaded on the user's computer but stored on the Web-based email service provider's servers. E-mails are stored remotely on a server, which means that it can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection and a web browser. POP mail services store your mail on a server, ready for you to retrieve using an email client such as Outlook Express or Eudora. The users of the pop up mail accounts can retrieve e-mail when connected and then to view and manipulate the retrieve messages without the internet connection.

The trend of internet marketing is incomplete without submitting your site to various search engines or more precisely we can say that marketing of a newly made website starts from submitting it to various search engines. Submitting you website to search engines is like inviting lot of advertisements, mailers, and spam. After all, these days search engines are primarily supported by advertising.

While submitting the website to various search engines the web marketer unconsciously submits to a lot of FFA (Free For All) sites. FFA sites contain raw link pages which are often powered by an FFA script. The script automates the addition of new links and the deletion of old links once a limit has been reached. When you make a submission to their site, they in turn send you an email advertising their products. Sometimes, they will send you several follow-up emails for your one submission.

There are different software's available in the market which assist in submitting the websites to search engines and even they include FFA websites. Hence, it is always advisable to have more than one email account. An email account which is used to submit the websites and classifieds etc should be different from the primary account used for business purposes. This will avoid littering of the important email ids by the Thanks you mails from the FFA sites.

Having multiple email addresses for different purposes like one for classifieds, one for search engine submissions, one for articles and newsletter submissions etc. will help keep everything organized. It is often far easier to keep your business well managed, when you have separate email accounts for each activity.

One more reason for which you should have an email account is to avoid the extensive use of email software by spammers. Any email address used for submitting a classified ad posting, a newsgroup discussion posting, or to be used on a website becomes a target.

The need for multiple email accounts depends on the amount of activities that you might pursue on the internet.

The biggest disadvantage of having multiple email accounts is that, even though having protected your primary email account from the spam mail and having organized all your business activities checking several email accounts takes up lot of your manpower as the accounts have to be monitored.

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