Pegasus InfoCorp is a process driven organization, and the web design and web software development methodology here has evolved after years of experience and discipline. The project management and delivery process has been improved and standardized over time to best augment the nature of a web site development project. The development methodology followed is a modified version of the waterfall method which is popularly used for delivery of software development projects by SEI CMM 5 companies

Project managers and technical managers at Pegasus InfoCorp understand that the success of a web design and web development project of a company depends on various parameters that can be effectively controlled by astute project management. While the basic aspects of different web development projects are similar, every project is unique in itself from others as it involves different business dynamics, customer expectations and project deliverables, budget allocation and time allowance.

The methodology for web development projects in our company takes into account and the specfic project delivery timelines are chosen chiefly depending on time availability and resource allocation expectations of the client company. Usually, the pattern of project management and delivery follows these stages of evolution.

Requirement Definition and Analysis:

The web development project starts with defining the requirements of the project in the pre project launch phase. Potential clients send across the RFP (Request For Proposal) document with detailed functional requirements for the web development project of the company. The RFP clearly mentions the scope or the boundaries of the project with details like the functionality of the web site application, its modules and their features, user profiles and reports required. Marketing managers at Pegasus InfoCorp often assist potential customers with their requirement specifications. The RFP helps senior project and technical managers at Pegasus InfoCorp to build the detailed project deliverables, and arrive at an accurate estimation of resources necessary, time and costs for the client company.

Senior managers at Pegasus InfoCorp could undertake a requirement development and analysis project for clients with complex, or evolving requirements. This could help recommend the optimal solution for clients based on their functionality requirements, current processes and time and budget constraints.

Web Development Proposal and Sign-off:

The RFP provides our company information about the project that our senior managers use to create the web design/ web development/ software development project proposal. The proposal document includes detailed project deliverables, process of delivery and communication plan with the client, resource allocation details and estimations regards time and costs. The web development project sign-off occurs on the approval of the offer document by the customer.

On sign off, a project team gets allocated to the project and the project manager allocated gets in touch with the client as a single point of contact during delivery. Project teams usually involve project and technical managers, web graphic artists and HTML developers, and web programmers. A fortnightly delivery schedule is worked out to track project delivery by the client

First Stage:
Screenshots Design and Approval
Hosting and Any Third Party Discussions
Basic Backend and Database Development

Web development projects need constant feedback and review from the customer from early on in the project at regular intervals. Keeping this in mind, project management and web development teams at our company create screen designs/ HTML copies of the web site application for the clients for approval. These files do not have a database or back-end code attached but gives the customer an exact working demo of how the application will run. This is a very important first step in web development project. This first deliverable (output) is given to the customer very early in the project so that he can ‘see’ how his web site application is going to be developed. Any inconsistencies with the customer expectations can be sorted out in this stage itself and save enormous amounts of time and budget overruns in case of misunderstood requirements of the web development project of the client company. The project proceeds once the customer has approved the web pages.

Second Stage:
Complete Database Design And Web Software Development
Final Completion and Launch

Following client’s approval of the HTML copy of the web site application, the web development team at Pegasus InfoCorp does the final database design and writes the code for the application. Highly skilled programmers with superior expertise in their respective technologies develop the web site application based on the development plan. This is done under the guidance of the project manager and technical manger. In this stage, additional feedback may be required from the client for minor user flows/ screenshots not addressed earlier

Project management, web design and web development are very quality conscious disciplines at Pegasus InfoCorp. Proper adherence to quality standards while writing code and excellent resource allocation makes project management at Pegasus InfoCorp highly successful practice. Thoroughout ongoing development, the web site and web application is tested incrementally and a final testing is conducted on project launch.

Change Management:

On project launch, for changes, requirements or discussions beyond those specified in the project deliverables and agreement, the project manager would be the point of contact for the client. For additional discussions, changes and functioanlites a token upfront payment may be required based on the stage of development of the project, the complexity of the additional/ changed work and the project resource allotment.

Additional Support:

Projects undertaken at Pegasus InfoCorp ususally include a couple of weeks/ months of support period for the customer. During this period, any bug or error in the web site or web application (if at all it exists) is corrected for the customer at no extra charges. For additional changes, discussions and requirements beyond the support period a token upfront payment may be required based on the complexity of the additional support, change work and the project resource allotment.

On project launch, for changes, requirements or discussions beyond those specified in the project deliverables and agreement, the project manager would be the point of contact for the client. For additional discussions, changes and functioanlites a token upfront payment may be required based on the complexity of the additional/ change work request

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