What makes Pegasus InfoCorp different from other companies?

Two words - Integrity and commitment.
Integrity - We ensure that prior to project launch potential clients understand exactly what we will be delivering for them.
Commitment - Throughout the process of project development and deployment, all project team members involved are highly committed on delivering on the project deliverables as per quality standards and on time.
To know more about how we constantly differentiate and improve ourselves, please read through our key differentiators page

How much do you charge for your services?

This completely depends on the scale and complexity of the project work. We can undertake projects on the fixed price waterfall delivery model, or the hourly price time and material model. On the fixed price model we make time estimates of the project work and calculate our service charges accordingly. In the time and material model, we allocate resources booked for your work for fixed periods of time and charge you accordingly. Please give us a quick call, or drop us a message and we will be happy to give you ball park estimates for your work.

How many Pegasus InfoCorp associates will work on my project?

This, again, depends on the scale of the project work. To give some examples, a simple website can be delivered by just a team of a project manager and a designer, while an advanced website and web software application will require at least a project manager, a technical manager, a senior designer, a senior developer and a project tester (in fact, in several cases this requires additional designers and developers, copy writers, search engine optimizers and data migraters). Advanced web and software applications require multiple project managers and large teams under each manager based on the scale and timeline of the project

How much time would it take Pegasus InfoCorp to develop a website or a web based software application?

This, again, depends on the scale of the project work. Projects last from a couple of months, to a couple of years, based on the scale and complexity of the project. Please note that we would need your constant feedback and approval throughout the project (and especially in the initial part of the project) to meet delivery timelines. We will be happy to give you a ball park estimate of the time it would take us to deliver on your work.

What is the best way to communicate with you? How do you communicate with clients?

We communicate with our clients through phone meetings, online voice messenger meetings and emails. Our marketing managers and project managers regularly adjust their work schedules according to client timings. Hence project managers will be able to adjust our work schedules and office timings based on meeting timings that are convenient for you. We will be available for phone or online messenger (e.g. Skype/ Yahoo/ MSN) voice chat meetings at any weekday timings that are suitable for you. Note that, if required, we could arrange for onsite physical meetings by our project managers or partners at additional costs. However, for the vast majority of our clients across the USA, UK, Australia, Europe, Canada and the Middle East we have delivered great quality work through our standard communication channels.

Is it possible for us to see the website and software as it is getting built?

Yes, you would, of course, be able to see the website and software as it gets developed. As a website gets developed, it is hosted on the Pegasus InfoCorp servers once every couple of days for client feedback. This helps clients keep track of the ongoing work. (In any case, the project manager is available for meetings at any time that is convenient for clients). At the start of the project, the project manager gives clients a fortnightly delivery schedule for the project (which helps clients and senior managers at Pegasus InfoCorp track the ongoing work). We will be happy to help you get an idea of the process of showing the website pages to the client as it gets built.

What quality standards do you follow in web site development and web application software development?

Pegasus InfoCorp associates adhere to critical project management, design and software standards that have routinely been upgraded as the company has evolved. In the project management domain, this includes clear, trackable timelines and schedules provided to clients and team members, and constant follow ups to ensure that everything is available to all parties on time to lead to successful completion. For designers, this includes constant comparison with contemporary design trends, appropriate color combinations and scheme as per client brand and industry, clear HTML standards following key W3C principles, cross browser compatibility, usage of appropriate CSS and impactful Flash designs which are also optimized as per download speeds. For search engine optimizers, this includes clear standards and processes for the entire SEO/ SEM identification/ recommendation/ implementation process. And for software developers this includes detailed quality checklists for high level planning for coding framework, coding structure, minimal server load, OOPS architecture; and for specifics such as JavaScript validations, formfield maxlengths, password encrytion, standard scripts for emails, calendars, editors etc., standard messages including error messages, session checks, variable and file naming conventions, multi level include restrictions etc.

What about support for my website and web application?

Pegasus InfoCorp provides free support on any bugs on the website and web application for a specified time period after project launch. Even prior to going live, the website/ web application is completed after testing and shown to clients on a test server.

How do we make a payment to you?

We accept payments from our clients across the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe and the Middle East through international wire transfers (also known as telegraphic transfer). The facility of international wire transfers is offered by most banks world wide. We will require a scanned copy of the remittance certificate of the payment to be able to follow up with our banks. For further details on this, a Pegasus InfoCorp associate will be happy to assist you.

I have a brief idea of the kind of website and application that I need. How do I proceed ahead?

Please fill up our contact form with your project brief. One of our marketing managers will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements. Please do note that the more details that you can provide about your requirements, timelines and budget, the easier it will be for us to recommend the best solution for you. In the case that you would want us to discuss different options and recommend alternate solutions, we will be happy to undertake a requirements (SRS - software requirement specifications) building consultation project.

I have detailed functionality specifications for my website and software. How do I proceed ahead?

Please fill up our contact form with your project specifications. One of our marketing managers will get in touch with you to discuss your requirements and help get the work started!

For any additional questions, please feel free to contact us, or email us on info [at] pegasusinfocorp . com and we will be happy to assist you!

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