rt and Crafts of India

India, a land so ancient, both in history & culture, has been a treasure of rich handicrafts which reflect a love for colour, an eye for detail & form and the innately artistic personality of the people of India.

Indian paintings

Indian paintings include two major kinds: wall paintings and miniatures. Most wall paintings such as those in the caves at Ajanta , extend around the walls of a room and tell a story. Miniature paintings, done on small pieces of paper, reached high levels during year 1500 to 1800. These paintings generally show life among the ruling classes of India , or scenes from Hindu legends.

Indian Dance

Using the body as a medium of communication, the expression of dance is perhaps the most intricate and developed, yet easily understood art form. The fascination for Indian dance all over the world is indicative of the deep-felt need to use the human body to express and celebrate the great universal truths. Indian dance does just that in a heightened, reverential form. Also, since dance is physical and visual, it illuminates India 's culture in a direct manner, playing on the sensibilities of the onlooker. Thus, those who are attracted to India will find the idiom of dance the best introduction to India 's rich ethos and traditions.

Indian dance is divided into nritta - the rhythmic elements, nritya - the combination of rhythm with expression and natya - the dramatic element. Nritya is usually expressed through the eyes, hands and facial movements. Nritya combined with nritta makes up the usual dance programmes. To appreciate natya or dance drama, one has to understand and appreciate Indian legends. Most Indian dances take their themes from India 's rich mythology and folk legends. Hindu gods and goddesses like Vishnu and Lakshmi, Rama and Sita, Krishna and Radha are all depicted in classical Indian dances. Each dance form also draws inspiration from stories depicting the life, ethics and beliefs of the Indian people.

Carpet Weaving

The most productive region for carpet weaving in India is Kashmir . It is believed that this craft was not indigenous in India but was introduced by travelers or Haj pilgrims who were fascinated by the beautiful carpet traditions of Central Asia and Persia and wanted to bring these art forms back to India . The design of a carpet is governed by a module, the talim , which indicates the number governed by a module, the  talim ,  which   indicates  the number of knots per square inch and the colour scheme along the weft line of wool or silk, while the wrap is always in cotton.

Cane and bamboo

Cane and bamboo crafts of India are popular across the globe for their functional and aesthetic appeal. Especially in the northeastern states this is an important source of livelihood for the people.

Craftsmen produce a variety of utilitarian items using natural material like cane and bamboo. Not only these materials, readily available, they are also easy to work with and hardly require the use of specialized tools or equipment.

In India crafts associated with cane and bamboo, have generally been carried out by different tribal societies within the country. The tribals, since ancient times, have been using cane and bamboo to give expression to their art and to earn a living.

Cane and bamboo is generally used in the production of items pertaining to furniture and making of baskets and mats.


India has a rich tradition of stonecraft. Guilds of masons and stone carvers have existed here since the 7th century B.C. Different types of stones like, marble, soapstone, sand stone are used by craftsmen in India . Stone craft in India is not only restricted to ornate carvings on temples or sculptures of deities,but it is also used in making items like carved panels, tiles, paper weights, pen stands, models of historical buildings, sculptures of animals and humans etc. The basic design is traced on the stone and it is given a crude shape. The final carving is then carried out and the items are polished.

Shell craft

Shells cut in different ways make good paperweights and decorative pieces.
Small shells are used in the production of intricately designed chandeliers, hangers and curtains. Utilitarian items such as key chains, fork and spoons, table lamps, ashtrays, jewelry, buttons, pen stands, small boxes are also made from shells. Shell craft also includes engraving, painting and sculpting of seashells. Decorative shells or shells which are rare and tastefully decorated by nature are also sold as items of decoration.


Embroidery, the art of working raised designs in treads of cotton silk gold or silver upon the surface of the woven cloth with the help of needle has been known in India from very early times Gujarat and Rajasthan boost of a range of mind blogging Kantha of Bengal Zardosi of Delhi kausti of Karnataka phulkari of Punjab the gold thread embroidery and the gota work of Rajasthan the zari work of Hyderabad the mirror work of Gujarat and metal wire embroidery are some of the brilliant specimens of Indian embroidery.

India being a county with such a great diversity the art here is developed differently in each part of the country. As a result, Indian arts include a wide variety of forms and styles.

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