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Pegasus InfoCorp Annual Event 2016
February 11 , 2016
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Saturday, 6th February was an enthusiastic day for everyone at Pegasus. It was the much awaited Pegasus Annual Event 2016. There was a lot of excitement about the event since there were fun quizzes doing rounds for almost a week prior to the event. The venue of the Annual Event 2016 was one of India's most exhilarating gaming hubs in South Mumbai.

Pegasus InfoCorp employee from outside of Mumbai joined in to make this celebration a special one. The planning committee had burned the midnight oil to plan lots of events for this Annual Day. Earlier that day, everyone assembled at the venue. There was enthusiasm and excitement all over. After a quick introduction a round of delicious starters was served. As the day progressed, everyone got engrossed in enjoying the exciting hi-tech games. There was a wide range of games to choose from. From cricket to hi-tech games, to football, the works. Everyone almost lost track of the time as there was so much to explore.

Cricket was the most awaited game in which a player could select a bowler of his/her choice and the batsman could get the feel of how it would be like to play against that bowler in reality. It was a hoot and a half. The technology replicates the bowler’s style and spins the ball accordingly. There were three cricket lanes reserved for the Pegasus employee but there space was crowded since everyone wanted to cheer he people who were playing at that time.

In Vertigo, there was a plank walk that had to be walked past. One had to wear an eye cover that had a Virtual Reality playing in it. The VR (using the Unity Game engine) was so true to life that it made walking on a simple plank extremely difficult. A lot of us from the Pegasus family managed to successfully cross the plank.

There was a XD theater that played a 9D movie. It was a state-of-the-art theater and the movie was so thrilling that each one yelled loud and hard when watching it.

The football was the one the toughest football ever played by many of us. It was very difficult to score a goal since there was an automated goal keeper. However, some of our Pegasus champions managed to score not just one, but two goals. 

A sumptuous buffet was spread for everyone to enjoy. There was Indian and international cuisine to be enjoyed. The dessert was so yummy that no one could resist with just one piece of it.

The FlyMax was pretty interesting game too. Each person who opted for the game, was tied to a rope and left hanging in the air with eyewear that would play an amazing effect of actually flying in the air. FlyMax uses amazing technologies like HD Head Mounting Display Unit and motion and positional tracking which give a memorable flying-like experience.

The Finger Coster is a game for all the adventure seekers. One had to draw a route of a roller coaster and based on oculus technology you can enjoy the experience of actually sitting in a roller coaster like the one that you have drawn.

There were a lot of other virtual reality games that each once enjoyed. Hourly quiz contests were organized in the main event hall wherein the first contestant to answer questions correctly would be awarded prizes. There were quizzes based on movies, technology and Pegasus InfoCorp itself. Everyone was on their toes to respond to these quizzes.

There was a much awaited dance party. Everyone enjoyed shaking a leg. There were hit tracks being played that everyone enjoyed and had a blast. There was prize distribution towards the end of the event to felicitate the winners of various quizzes and competitions.

Looking at how people were reluctant, to leave we extended the event beyond the predefined timeline. There were dedicated cricket pitches arranged for Pegasus employees to enjoy the hi-tech experience.

We all left for the day with a lot of unforgettable memories and zest to work hard in the year that follows.

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