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Careers FAQs | Pegasus InfoCorp

Careers FAQs


Question: Who can apply for a job at Pegasus InfoCorp?
Answer: The first step in your application is very straightforward. Find a vacancy that suits your interests and qualifications. Once you've found a position in the vacancies area you can share your resume to out HR team right away.

Question: How will working at Pegasus InfoCorp affect my lifestyle?
Answer: At Pegasus InfoCorp we believe in helping people grow not only as a successful IT professionals but also as individuals. Pegasus InfoCorp provides the flexibility to manage personal and professional commitments that helps in maintaining work life balance. Friendly and flexible work environment, operational ethics and social values are remarkable at Pegasus InfoCorp. Your tenure at Pegasus InfoCorp will be enriching, and that of continuous learning.

Question: What influence will I have over my career progression?
Answer:Being a part of the Pegasus InfoCorp family will give your career a much deserved head-start. You’ll be part of an inclusive and diverse team, and you’ll receive all the training and the support you need to give the best of OUR potential to our clients.

Question: How will I continue to grow as a professional?
Answer: At Pegasus InfoCorp, we believe each associate should grow as fast as they can learn. We believe each employee has the capability and responsibility to keep systems running. Working at Pegasus InfoCorp makes our associates true business enablers who adds value to the company’s growth.

Question: What am I required to do before I appear for the walk-in interview?
Answer:You are required to e-mail your latest resume along with an application form at careers@pegasusinfocorp.com. In addition, you are requested to carry a print-out of your resume along with 2 passport sized photographs and an ID proof.

Question: Can you explain what to expect during the recruitment process?
Answer:The recruitment process starts when you've submitted your application online and the confirmation pop-up appears on your screen. If you appear to fulfil the criteria we have outlined in the job description, we will get back to you within a few days of receiving your application. In reviewing your application we use a combination of best-practice assessment tools and personal interviews to make sure you’ll be the perfect match for the position you’re applying for. The entire recruitment process usually takes 4 to 6 weeks, although this can vary depending on location.

Question: Once selected, is there a dress code that we adhere to?
Answer:The intent of the dress code policy is to create a comfortable work environment that is also professional. We primarily follow the ‘Business Casuals’ dress code, though more details are provided in the dress code policy.

Question: Will I always work at my base location?
Answer: Your job profile may require moderate to frequent travelling (across the country or internationally) for client meetings, team meetings, or training sessions. This varies based on your profile and you can discuss travel frequencies with your Hiring Manager and/or the HR.

Question: What happens after I have accepted my offer?
Answer: Once you have accepted the offer to work at Pegasus InfoCorp, you will have to submit the following documents as a part of our background check protocol.
  • Pegasus InfoCorp offer letter – self attested
  • Pegasus InfoCorp acceptance letter – self attested
  • Consolidated mark statement of Degree – original for verification and two self attested copies
  • Degree certificate/ Provisional certificate/ Course completion certificate – original for verification, and two self attested copies
  • Passport – original for submission and two self attested copies
  • PAN card – original for submission and two self attested copies

P.S. When you accept an offer, it is required that you notify any other potential employer that you’re no longer available for consideration.
To know more about us, our services and solutions, drop us a message or mail us at info@pegasusinfocorp.com
Careers FAQs | Pegasus InfoCorp  
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