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Technology Consulting | Pegasus InfoCorp

Technology Consulting


Pegasus InfoCorp can help build the most appropriate business strategies for your needs. We can help advice on all domains related to the Internet. This would include:
  • Designing and building the most relevant software and applications for your business

  • Developing and implementing software architecture to best utilize the internet, based on your current systems

  • Discussions on prioritization of most effective features and iterations for phase wise delivery
Building your corporate software and applications is more than a simple combination of a marketing exercise, an access to the end user and a simplification of operations. Every company needs to form a unique strategy consistent with its own approach to business. These range from the primary focus and evolution of software, to risk mitigation towards future technology change.

Pegasus InfoCorp provides consultancy to clients worldwide on the appropriate process and priorities for implementing end to end solutions. Our senior project managers have a keen insight and expertise across industry domains and can help design appropriate solutions for clients based on their needs, budget, timelines, existing software infrastructure and potential future maintenance and support requirements. The Pegasus InfoCorp senior project and technical managers will partner with you to identify the unique approach that work for our clients.

Some factors involved in this decision will include:

  • Company Branding and Positioning: How is your company positioned with respect to your competitors? What is your company's branding strategy?

  • Functionality versus Budget Tradeoff: Keeping your budget and current company marketing and technology efforts in mind, what functionalities should you invest in?

  • Company Processes: How will your enhanced product integrate with your approach to business ? Would you need to modify any process while outsourcing your software development project?

  • Industry Parallels: What are the different strategies for the Internet that your industry sector has used? What online applications have been successfully applied?

  • An analysis of your technology requirements: How can your current environment be optimally utilized, and what new technologies should be used such that they are future ready?

If needed, Pegasus InfoCorp can also help you build software requirement specifications (SRS) software projects suitable to your needs. A requirements analysis undertaken for this helps build the detailed project deliverables that can then be implemented in the development project.

For web 2.0 portal development / ideas implementation, Pegasus InfoCorp can help build and prioritize feature lists based on several factors. This would be based on competition analysis, unique selling points of our portal, investments/ funding planning and budget vs features vs release date tradeoffs.
To know more about us, our services and solutions, drop us a message or mail us at info@pegasusinfocorp.com

Technology Consulting | Pegasus InfoCorp  
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