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flash actionscripting, flash actionscript

Flash ActionScripting Applications


Flash as an independent graphics and animation engine is a killer graphics enabler in itself. With the integration of ActionScript with Flash – Flash ActionScripting has become one of the latest and greatest graphics and animation tool to come from the Web 2.0 generation. Flash ActionScript was initially designed for a few interactivity features and had very limited scripting capabilities such as controlling simple 2D vector animations etc. Today, with the introduction of newer versions, Flash ActionScript is suitable for the creation of web-based games, rich internet applications (RIA’s) with streaming media (such as video and audio), database applications and even basic robotics.

ActionScript transforms Flash from a simple animation program to a full-fledged development platform. One of the really neat things about the Flash scripting language is that it lends an enormous power to our developers to create rich interactive web applications, presentations, games etc. Recent versions of Flash ActionScript such as ActionScript 3.0 supports a wide range of features including formalized classes, interfaces, packages, runtime exception handling, runtime data types, reflection, regular expressions, E4X (XML), and more.

Our Flash ActionScripting programmers at Pegasus InfoCorp have built a reputation in creating high -end rich internet applications, interactive Flash animations etc - rich with graphics, videos and animation for a truly unique and engaging experience. Our proficiency in Flash ActionScripting has benefited clients across different industry and business verticals for creating tourism portals, ecommerce portals, corporate company sites, music and video portals, telecom and mobile applications, e – learning solutions, entertainment and event management software solutions, media, PR and advertising company portals etc. Some of our offerings using the Flash ActionScripting language are

  • Web Based Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
    We build rich web based applications that have many characteristics of desktop applications, with better interactivity and data communication.
  • Flash Audio Streaming
    Our Flash audio streaming capabilities help website visitors to listen to audio files immediately, without having to download them, keeping users engaged to the site content.
  • Flash Video Player
    We integrate and customize full-featured flash video players, blending them seamlessly with the look and branding of our client websites.
  • Flash Chat
    We build customized chat clients, for our customers that include all standard features such as room chat, group chat, video chat, personal chat, audio chat, emoticons support etc.
  • Flash Games Programming
    Using Flash based technologies; we create world-class bespoke gaming solutions for mobile, desktop and internet audiences.
  • Flash Video Conferencing
    We build customized chat room video conferencing systems, which include turnkey webcam software to fit various types of requirements including fun chat, educational systems, video consulting systems, social networking etc
  • Multimedia Flash Presentations
    We create visually fascinating and interesting multimedia presentations that help expressing ideas in a creative, effective and easier manner, drawing the attention of users professionally and adding value to brand building.
  • 2D and 3D Character Animations
    Our animation teams work on 3D character animations, 3D Illustrations, 2D character animations, flash character animations, character modeling, 2D and 3D cartoon animations, 3D designs etc, transforming any character to a virtual animated character, bringing the character, product and message to life.
  • Logo Animation
    Our creative designers and animators, work towards understanding our client’s business, image, and corporate uniqueness, and design high quality logo animations that would help in portraying the business, its products and services accurately.
  • Interactive Flash Catalogs
    We work on flash based - multimedia catalogs for our clients that have proved to be an interactive and engaging way to distribute services and product information to customers, distributors and prospects.
  • Flash Banners
    Pegasus InfoCorp creates fast, effective and optimized flash banners that guarantee the increase in the number of clicks and generate more traffic on our client sites.
  • Flash Screensavers
    We design customized screen savers for individuals as well as corporates that include multimedia support like background music support, masking effect support, transition effect support, customizable screensaver dialog box etc. We build screen savers that serve as entertainment, advertisements, for security reasons etc.
  • Flash Movies
    Our Flash designers create interactive and unique flash movies by effectively combining attractive text, videos, a plethora of colors, blending options and opacity levels with smooth animations, draw graphics, special effects and much more.
  • Flash Tutorials
    We develop flash based tutorials that focus on portraying information in a very interactive and entertaining manner, making learning easier and effortless. We build quality and cost efficient CBT and WBT solutions that communicate information through text, color, sound, animation, graphics, & video and interactive response techniques.
  • Virtual Tours
    Our team has delivered on complex virtual walkthroughs/ visual tour experiences for our clients for their facilities, products, proposed projects and more. We include soundtracks, videos, stills, hotspots etc that highlight particular points of interest in the virtual tours, which are then seamlessly integrated within existing sites or even used as separate microsites.
  • Mobile Content (Games, Applications etc)
    Our Flash programmers specialize in developing creative ActionScript animations, high-quality interfaces, games and applications specifically designed for mobile devices.
  • Mobile Content (Games, Applications etc)
    Our Flash programmers specialize in developing creative ActionScript animations, high-quality interfaces, games and applications specifically designed for mobile devices.
  • Flash Widgets
    We build interactive flash based widgets that allow users to connect with live servers, thus, enabling companies to reach consumers to promote their services, products, events etc.

With our creativity and professionalism, using Flash ActionScript, we have the ability to alter a dull motionless application into a rich, interactive and engaging multimedia experience.

To know more about us, our services and solutions, drop us a message or mail us at info@pegasusinfocorp.com
flash actionscripting, flash actionscript  
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