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Online Customer Relationship Management Software

New York, USA

The clients are US based retailers of jewellery and high end precious stones, and caters to premium and niche clients across the US and Europe. Pegasus InfoCorp has worked with the client to build their online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This browser based software is being used across their stores by sales agents and managers for completely managing all their customer information.

This online CRM application features all standard functionalities for managing customers and associates, purchases/ interaction history and advanced email, printing and search options. The system initiates auto/ manual reminders on specified occasions and send corresponding emails to customers on an individual/ bulk basis after approval from sales agents. The sales agent (user) experience is assisted by features such as alphabetical filters and automated highlightling effects. As per standard development processes within Pegasus InfoCorp, each screen is developed and frozen after detailed discussions with the client. Keeping in mind the highly sensitive nature of the customer information, several security features are provided that include IP locks, comprehensive session checks, detailed logs and one way data encryption.

Prior to launch, the entire customer database of the client was fed into the online software database through as part of the data migration work agreement. As per the Terms of Reference of the project, Pegasus InfoCorp was given complete access to the customer information including their personal information, detailed invoices and personal history. We helped compile and migrate the entire customer database before deploying the project online in September 2005. Please note that due to specific copyright terms and non disclosure clauses agreed on as part of the legal agreement, Pegasus InfoCorp is not allowed to publish the registered trademarks and several other copyrights of the client.


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