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Educational Portal, International is a complete portal built for children of the age group of 8 – 14 years. This portal features design and software specifically developed from a child’s perspective, and content spanning over 5000 pages which are pulled from a database. The entire portal (including design, software and content) has been developed in-house at Pegasus InfoCorp.

Kids who log in to this portal get access to a series of curricular and co-curricular activities which change weekly and are tailored to their age group. These include online quizzes, dynamically changing content and graphics that appear randomly. “Premium” club members get access to additional interesting features such as an a diary/ autobiography section to store interesting incidents from their daily life under different sections, and a customized homepage which they can give their friends. Points are allotted to members based on different actions performed and these can be redeemed for different gifts. Parents are allotted a separate login which would give them a snapshot of their kids’ progress, besides regular email updates of the kids’ activities. The site administration software includes detailed features for micro-managing users and content.

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