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earch Engine Marketing

The whole facade of marketing has undergone a huge change thanks to the technological development. Search engine marketing is just one of the outputs of this change. This is no longer a part of the search engine optimization methodology but is a totally new term. Search engine marketing

  • Locates a website
  • Researches a website
  • Submits a website
  • Positions a website

Within a good search engines for increasing page rank, improving the site traffic, maximum exposure and effectiveness.

Search engine marketing may also perform the tasks of choosing the target keywords and keyword phrases for the web site's meta tags.

Search engine marketing either through paid search and natural search optimization, gets in highly qualified visitors

This field is growing at a faster rate in spite of being subjected to constantly changing algorithms and business models of search engines.

There are certain upcoming trends in Search Engine Marketing that have been discussed below

MSN's New Search Engine:

Google, MSN and Yahoo are the topmost search engines for a long time. However recently, MSN launched its own index. Prior to this, MSN would depend on Yahoo to showcase its search results. Currently MSN is using Yahoo / overture paid search results in the Sponsored site section of its search results pages. MSN will soon be launching their own paid search product which will present search engine marketers with increased keyword inventory along with another search site.


Another important factor to help in search engine marketing is content. Search engines have given more importance to on page optimization with its focus on tags and content components. Google gives more importance to relevant and original content on topics in relation to your business. Our previous article “Articles: Tools for marketing” has explained the concept of content for marketing in details.

Search Results:

Search engines are becoming more refined while indexing websites. Their algorithms keep on changing which in turn changes the search results. The Jagger update by Google is a very good example of changing search results. The Jagger update changed the rankings of many sites as it indexed the sites on the basis of content. So the websites having relevant and original content found themselves on the first few pages.

Integration of Search Engine with other forms of media:

Incorporation of search engine marketing in various companies has increased in few years. Search engine optimization and paid search have always been considered different from other online marketing techniques. However, both traditional and interactive marketers have comprehended the benefits of Search Engine Marketing as an important technique in marketing.

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