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revent that spam

Most of the corporate companies face the problem of useless mails. They get these mails in abundance eating up space in their inbox.
Apart from being a nuisance these mails also pose a risk to your security settings as most of them contain viruses.
Prevention is better than cure is the theme here.

We at Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd. have come forth with some of the tips by which you can protect yourself from theses unwanted intruders.

  • Make use of an anti- spam system:
    In this the sender gets a mail from the recipients system asking them to confirm the authenticity of the mail. Here the spammer will be least bothered to reply back but a genuine sender will reply confirming his authenticity.

    Though this technique is time consuming it does make a difference in averting spam mails from reaching your inbox.

  • Utilize fake email Ids:
    To keep away the trouble of setting up various filtering system the best you can do is set up a fake email Id which you can use for one time and then forget about it. Even if you do get spam mails to this email Id it won't make any difference to you. You can use it for one time for whatever one time information you need and then forget about it.

  • Conceal your email Id:
    This is necessary to protect your genuine email address from various spamming programs known as spambots. These programmes used by spammers hunt for email ids on the net.

    You can conceal your email ids in various ways:
    1. Use ASCII-code on your email Id to hide it
    2. Use JavaScript to hide your email id
    3. Use anti-spam feedback forms
    4. Convert your email Id into a image
    This method can be used by website owners to conceal their live 'mail to' email Ids on their website.

  • Email filters:
    This is the best technique used by the website owners to protect themselves from spams and useless mails. We at Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd. use Microsoft Outlook which has spam mail filter. This filter automatically removes the spam from the mailbox.

    However these filters are not completely fool proof in removing the spam. These mails then can be removed manually by the user.

  • Divert mails:
    TThis is another method practiced at Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd. Our administrator has diverted all the wrongly addressed mails to a new email address. Most of the spams get collected in this email account which then the administrator deletes manually. Thus preventing from spamming the authentic email accounts.

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