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ack of all trades: Have your own web site

Starting your own web site company takes more than setting up your website and making it function successfully. You have to be multifaceted.

You need to be well versed with many other necessities that are essential for a flourishing website.

It is very essential for you to understand the basic know how's of HTML and various technologies of page building.

There are various ways in which a web site can earn some extra cash. You will have to do a proper research and figure out these methods. For eg placing good genuine advertisements is one such method etc.

It is imperative to understand the functioning of the search engines to get a good page rank for your site which is directly proportional to good traffic which then equals to good business. In simple words web site owners have to be jack of all trades to be successful in this venture.

Case study:

Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd. was started 2 years back with a single powerful belief among its two founders that the Internet could enhance and transform businesses in an amazing way and this belief continues to drive us towards our mission of helping discover and implement the best online strategy for businesses, institutions and professionals.

In its two year tenure Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd. has a list of prominent clients all around the globe ranging from UK, USA, Australia, India etc.

We have come up the hard way learning from our mistakes. In the beginning, our two founders did all the work themselves which helped them in understanding the basics of all the functions like HTML, software developing, designing ,search engine optimization etc. But as we grew and became more organized our team has expanded comprises the professionals who are the best in their respective fileds.

These range from office boys to HR team, content team , search engine optimization team , administrators, web designers both junior and senior positions, software (Asp.Net, PHP, etc) programmers both junior and senior positions, project managers, marketing team and of course our two Directors who bought Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd. into being....

The moral of all this is to learn all the tricks of the trade to have a successful and growing website. At the beginning do everything on your own. Learn through the trial and error method. This will help you in knowing the pros and cons of the web site business. Moreover it will also help you in choosing the right kind of professionals for your company who will boost the growth of your business.

This article has been compiled by the content development team at Pegasus InfoCorp which pulls subject matter specialists from different work domains. They can be contacted through the Pegasus InfoCorp website at Pegasus InfoCorp is an India based web design, web development and online/ offline software development company. Please visit to read more articles and know more about us!

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