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ffline advertising for your online websites

The process of developing websites and then getting them online takes lot of hard work. In addition to that the developer and his team expend extra time on promoting it online. This is done by submitting your sites to various search engines, advertising online, link exchange programmes etc. Now imagine the amount of frustration when in spite of all this toiling your website doesn’t get any hits or traffic.

Normally webmasters and SEO experts tend to forget that advertising is not only confined to online advertising but there are several different ways in which an online business or a website can be promoted to a wide range of audience. Webmasters have been so wrapped up in online advertising that they tend to forget the wonders of offline advertising. Offline advertising includes advertising through the media of television, brochures, radio, magazines, mail etc.
These are built in PHP functions and they are the same and available on every PHP setup. You can access them in any script without needing to do anything special.

The various techniques of offline marketing are as follows:

  • For starters get your visiting cards printed. Make sure to include your websites URL and all other details in your card. A badly done visiting card puts a bad impression on your clients.
  • Office stationary i.e. invoices, receipts, letterheads etc also help in offline advertising. Bearing your company details they help in publishing your company.
  • Another upcoming trend in offline advertising is phone advertising. Record brief details of your company. Play the recorded information of your company when you keep your customers on hold.
  • Fax brochures are another way of offline advertising. You can always send across your fax brochure to various companies of course with their permission.
  • Print brochures and get them distributed through the local newspaper.
  • Depending on your budget you can also publish your advertisements in magazines that are relevant to your line of business.
  • Give away stuff like t-shirts, caps, bags, pens, etc for free. People love to get stuff for free and you get free advertisers.
Ask people of how they know you or your company and you will be able to judge the effects of your offline promotional techniques.

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