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uidelines on Fast Downloads

Imagine you are waiting for the page to open but it is taking forever. What do you do? You simply close that window. This is what happens when websites take their own sweet time to download, visitor's often loose interest. If you have a website like this you might end up loosing a potential customer and good business. Hence, it is essential for you to ascertain that

  • Your pageloads are quick
  • Visitors stay on your site and
  • You convert them into buyers.

You can achieve these goals by following these simple rules:

    • Do not dump all the information on your homepage . It will result in slowing down your website. Keep it as brief as possible. Your homepage should provide all the information and yet be clutter free. This can be achieved by having a small attractive introduction. It is not necessary to have all the information on the homepage itself. You can segregate them methodically on other pages and the links for these pages can be displayed on the homepage. This will you will be providing your visitor with all the information they need.
    • Graphics make your page look colorful and attractive. Hence they play an important role in attracting visitors to your website. However the size of the graphics also plays a significant role in downloading of the web page. Manage the size as well as the quality of the images such that your site is downloaded quickly and attractive at the same time.
    • The HTML code should be to the point. Do not add too much of codes. Moreover, when the site is updated and revised the HTML code becomes messy with unnecessary font tags. For example cleanse these empty tags to make your pageloads quicker. However it is strongly advised to have a backup of your original codes before changing them.
    • When a visitor visits your homepage their browser downloads the graphics of that page. As t they keep on browsing through your website many browsers will store ( cache ) the graphics and use them according when the pages are opened. This prevents time wastage on downloading the same graphics again and again. Caching is more advantageous when you use common graphics on your pages.

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