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rowth of Internet in India

Bounded by the majestic Himalayan ranges in the north and edged by an endless stretch of golden beaches, India is now creating her niche in the world of web development services.

Due to high cost of internet, bad infrastructure and poor PC access India’s entry in the field of web development was delayed. In early stages when internet was introduced in India, it could not become quite popular due to its high cost and lack of infrastructural facilities. But as the time passed, cyber cafes were proved very fruitful in making internet accessible at cheaper rates. With its birth in southern part of India specifically Bangalore and Hyderabad web development today has made its presence felt through out India. Amount of people using internet is rising each day increasing its importance to a great extent. Today’s youth prefers to use internet for all their needs comprising studies, jobs or shopping. Web designing, content writing, database integration, e-commerce and careers in other such web related activities are today’s teenager’s priority.

India is constantly working towards improving its quality of web development. Now web development in India is just not restricted to attractive graphic designing or content writing. Priorities have shifted from attractive designing to superior technology. Web Development Companies have become very particular in relation to selection of its workforce. Expertise and capability to keep them updated about the latest technologies are the two main factors taken into consideration while recruitment by the web development companies. In fact now there are various ways through which a person can keep himself updated which includes forums, online discussion etc.

It is obvious question that how manpower oriented country like India is turning out to be one of the recognized countries for web development. Here are some of the factors that led India towards achieving this position.

  1. Great career options and lots of MNC’s entering Indian market leading to a vast amount of employment opportunities were the key reasons for growth of web development in India.
  2. Government incentives, legal recognition of electronic contracts, electronic filing of documents, etc made this field more preferable for the youth.
  3. Fluency in English, cheaper IT education as compared to developed countries also encouraged people to enter this field.

Engineering is considered to be the most emphasized field for students in India who have been good in Maths and Science but unfortunately job opportunities available were much less compared to the number of students who passed out every year. It in itself gave a new field to the people to explore their own designing skills and along with that take home a fairly good amount of return.

India 's government has recognized the long term potential of IT sector in developing the country. Outsourcing by companies like US and UK which find a cheap labour in India as compared to their own country has been a boon to the web development companies in India . The companies in these counties are looking forward to reduce their IT cost rather than having their own enterprise and so they prefer outsourcing from countries like India.85% of the web market is controlled by India due to its excellent web expertise.

Competition has made customer service the priority of the countries in the West which has amplified the reasons to shift towards countries like India for outsourcing its services. Web Development Companies in India are constantly upgrading themselves on innovative technologies which would help them serve their clients in an enhanced manner. The recent Nasscom-McKinsey report has predicted that India can build a $17-billion web-enabled industry by 2008 if the same amount of efficiency and quality in services is maintained by India .

As we notice there is no such field left today without competition. Though India being the initiator in making the offshore outsourcing model successful, it has many countries like China, Russia, Canada which have been coming up for extending these services. Low skilled manpower cost and an enormous amount of talent in India has always been a distinguishing factor of Indian Web Development Companies from other competing countries. Outsourcing has given a great boost to the Indian economy and will continue taking it to great heights due to its rapidly growing infrastructure and experience to do business with the western countries.

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