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oogle friendly modifications

Thanks to internet technologies most of the businesses are reverting to E- business. But this is just the beginning ....

After that begins the rat race to achieve the highest google page rank. Though SEO is not the only method to achieve a high PR, most of the website owners rely heavily on it.

The best way to achieve a higher PR is to create sites that are search engine friendly. Oh but you already have created a website and the SEO is not showing any effect on the PR...don't worry..... here, we will discuss some search engine friendly modifications that you can apply to your site and see the results....

Fortunately nowadays, web site owners are using CSS and have eliminated 'table' and 'font' from their HTML tags. They are using H1 tag about their titles and have made sure the main content of the website is at the top of the HTML document where the search engines can index them easily.

Let's say you have quite a few fancy Javascripts and CSS which you don't want to remove then you can put them in another file.

For CSS:
(style type='text/css') (!-- CSS code in here --) (/style)
  • Copy the code and then delete it from the HTML page.
  • Remove the 'style' tags and the '(!--' and '--)' from this copied text and save this text as layout.css. Now upload this on your server.
  • Then place (link rel='stylesheet' href='') code on your HTML page
This way search engines will see a nice, simple and clean layout.

For Javascript:
(script language='JavaScript' type='text/javascript') (!-- JavaScript code in here --) (/script)
  • Copy the JavaScript code but NOT the 'script' tags or the '(!--' or '--)'.
  • Delete the original code from the HTML page.
  • Save the codes you copied in a new text file and call it 'functions.js' and upload on your server.
  • Then place
    (script language='JavaScript' src=''')
    (/script) on the page you had your previous Javascript
Hence making use H1 tags, meta description tags and CSS and adding Javascript and CSS stylesheets in separate files as shown above your site is modified and ready to be indexed by the search engine.

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