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requent SEO Blunders.

According to many of the SEO experts, the methods used by most of the e-commerce companies are erroneous. Many of these sites were optimized by amateurs who had just entered the field of search engine optimization and who were not well versed with the SEO methodology.

Most of the optimized sites have developed wrong concepts of doing a search optimization such as;

  • Title Tag
    Many of the websites do not utilize their title tag to the maximum benefit. They put up their company titles in impressive language thinking that will help them to achieve a higher ranking but it is not so.... Search engines prefer the title content to be keyword 'rich' as these keywords are significant factors in the relevancy algorithm of search engines. The keywords should be relevant to your website and your title tag should begin with them as search engines prefer them over your company names. You can have a maximum of 200 characters in your title tag which is within the average limit allowed by most of the search engines…. So make sure you utilize them to the maximum benefit of achieving a high ranking.
  • Do not use generic terms
    This means that websites should use specific words in relation to their business in the META keyword tag. Make sure that you use keywords which present the exact idea of your business to the people visiting your site.
    For example if your business is about selling computer accessories so it will be reasonable for you to use the term 'computers' but most of the visitors wishing to buy computers will leave your site as soon as they realize that you are into accessories. To prevent this, see that you put the most precise keyword in the META tag. helps you in searching for good specific keywords for your website. They will help you in figuring out the various keywords people use to search for goods and services on the net and lo and behold those visitors will become your paying customers.
  • Keyword rich optimized content
    SEO beginners think that lot of flash images make the website look professional. But hey think again ...... a site without any content has very little possibility of getting ranked even if you have created the title tag and META tags.
    It is essential for a website to have a keyword rich content. Why?? Because most of the search engines cannot register images. So if your website is full of impressive images but no content the search engine will fail to notice it. Your site will be practically invisible to the search engine. To add to the troubles many search engines can not register Meta tags anymore. Search engines nowadays are highly intelligent and are now indexing those sites which have highly relevant text. So if you want to your home page to rank well then make sure you have optimized and relevant visible as well as invisible text on your homepage.
  • Linking to a number of sites
    Most of the SEO experts believe that linking to a large number of sites will help them in achieving a high ranking. Well think again..... Most of the times due to mass linking many websites get linked to sites that are irrelevant, low ranking or simple illegal. Linking to these sites will cost you your ranking and may also result in your site getting banned by the search engines.
    Apart from linking to individual sites, registering to the top most directories or search engines will get you the foremost worldwide traffic to your website.
    Do not link haphazardly to any site, do your homework, link to sites that are relevant to your website and have a good page rank. Plus registering your site to top most search engines and you are on your way to a good ranking.
  • Have Patience
    Have patience you won't be getting any traffic to your site immediately after registering to the directories/search engines. Sometimes individual linking does give you traffic within a week but that's not the case always.
    Our SEO team at Pegasus Infocorp Pvt Ltd. has found out that registering to directories takes about a week to 15 days for the traffic to begin. We have also seen that individual linking takes about the same time frame. This does not mean you resubmit your link or register again. You should resubmit again only if you have changed your URL or when your website is not visible in their database.
    These were few of the blunders committed time and again by SEO teams all over. We are saying 'were' with the hopes that after reading this article they won't be repeated.

This article has been compiled by the content development team at Pegasus InfoCorp which pulls subject matter specialists from different work domains. They can be contacted through the Pegasus InfoCorp website at Pegasus InfoCorp is an India based web design, web development and online/ offline software development company. Please visit to read more articles and know more about us!

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