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ifference between Keywords and Meta Tags

Let's say I want information on web designing companies in Mumbai. I use words like ‘Web designing companies' while searching for the companies on Google. The word ‘web designing companies' is a keyword. Specific words used while searching specific information on the internet are known as keywords.

Descriptive words and phrases attached to the web pages, invisible to the visitors are known as Meta tags . They help in retrieving the sites the surfer is looking for. However people with or without the knowledge of coding can view a sites Meta tags by right clicking their mouse and choosing ‘view source'. Meta tags should be used carefully while designing web pages.

Meta tags consist of Keywords, Description, Title and Note etc.

Keywords: The difference here is that this term is different from the term explained above. In case of Meta tags, keywords are descriptive words or phrases that are separated by commas and attached to the web pages. Keywords should be in form of phrases rather than words as people tend to use them more often while conducting a search. Ensure not to have more than 875 characters in your keywords and avoid repetition of the phrases. This is only to be more search engine friendly.

Description: It generally consists of the site description and should be up to 150 characters long to be search engine friendly. Avoid the usage of filler words like at, in, etc and make maximum utilization of descriptive words or phrases.

Title: A site title is descriptive, includes keywords and is attached to all the pages of the site. Site titles are readily used by search engines to index the sites. The title should be relevant to the objective of the website and should get retrieved when information is searched for on the internet.

Meta tags can be maximized by using the accurate words and phrases. Sites like and will help you in searching good keywords for your Meta tags. Utilize specific words for your targeted market. Pick words that have less competition but are more specific and will help in the site getting indexed by the search engines.

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