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alance between designs and SEO equals to high PR.

Web sites with too much of flash designing don't get indexed by search engines. They are practically invisible to the search engine spiders. So does a website achieve good PR without negotiating the designs?

Below we have explained few points on basis of which you can have high PR alongwith good designs.

  • Just because search engines do not index too much of flash doesn't mean that designs should be neglected. In this case, the designs should be well planned in such a way that it doesn't hamper your websites climb up the ladder for a high PR. By well planned I mean that the CSS and HTML codes should be used appropriately. Your designers should have a basic understanding of how a search engine works.
  • Your designer should have the basic understanding of SEO and how the spider indexes your site with respect to the designs. It will be great if your designer is efficient in CSS and HTML coding so that the designs on your website are SEO friendly. At Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd. we have group of excellent designers and efficient SEO managers who are constantly working together to achieve high PR. They blend very well with each other to create search engine friendly designs.
  • It is said that pictures say more than words and it is true. An eye-catchy design always helps increase your sites traffic. A picture/design always says a lot. Visitors can understand what your website is all about by looking at your design in a few seconds. It is not easy for a visitor to read the entire content and understand what your site is about in a few seconds.
  • The best way to create a header for your website will be to use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) codes in the colours required and then place this code as close as possible to the top of the page. Search engines do not prefer additional unnecessary codes and CSS helps you in avoiding you them.
  • Having a design which will be easily indexed by search engines is not enough. It is also essential for you to have relevant content on your website as search engines are always looking for good original content. Good original content always helps you in achieving a high ranking
  • For example your site is about an automobile company dealing with two wheelers then how would you balance content and designs? The first thing over here will be to make sure that you arrange the content and the pictures in an organized manner. Nobody likes haphazard work and so does search engine. Have lots of good resolution images on our website and it should be easy for the visitor to check the various products of your company. Do not put all the images on your homepage making it slow to upload on the visitor's computer. This is where the organization part comes in. You can have good keyword rich content on your homepage describing few of the most liked products along with their images. Make the presence of your catalogue felt on the homepage. Accessing this catalogue link will give access to the visitors to the inner pages of your site and also represent the range of your products to the visitors. In this manner you have your website which has a well balanced design as well as good content.

You can go through various sites developed and designed by Pegasus InfoCorp Pvt. Ltd. to understand what exactly we mean by organization.

With the pointers above and the example we hope you will be able to balance your designs with SEO and have a high PR.

This article has been compiled by the content development team at Pegasus InfoCorp which pulls subject matter specialists from different work domains. They can be contacted through the Pegasus InfoCorp website at Pegasus InfoCorp is an India based web design, web development and online/ offline software development company. Please visit to read more articles and know more about us!

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