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Great! So you have finally decided to develop a website for your small company. But you don't know the pros and cons of the developing part neither have any idea on how to go about looking for a web developing company who fits your requirement…. Well don't fret; here are a few guidelines that lend you a hand in your quest for the right company.

Blogs stand for web blogs or web logs. The one who posts these blogs is known as a blogger and the process of posting a blog is known as blogging.

Blogs are like maintaining daily online dairy on the net. Blogging is an interactive method of view exchange.

In the beginning blogs where used from personal perspective. Personal blogging started in 1995 and from thereon many changes have taken place in blogging. Apart from being used as a personal online dairy, blogs also cover a wide range of topics like education, history, economics, politics, science, technology, social issues etc, .

Recently blogs have been used for business publicity on the net. Through blogs a company can advertise itself and its products. There are many blogging sites which allow you to post blogs for free. Not only has these blogs helped in increasing site traffic.

You are a first timer to blogging then here are some tips on how to go about it;
  • Entry title which will include your blog title
  • Blog body or passage which will include your blog text. Sometimes some sites also ask for summary of your blog . In this case you can give a small introduction about your blog.
  • Date of posting
  • Permalink is the url of the blog on your site. It is necessary to first post the blog on your site to provide the permalink.
  • Category allows you to post your blog in the suitable category on the site.
  • Comments section where visitors reading your blogs can place their views on your blogs.
In the beginning it will be little difficult for the first timers to understand the process of writing and then posting a blog but once you get a hang of it you will enjoy blogging.

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