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Rentbazaar - India’s most advanced rental and relocation portal

Pune, India

Rent Bazaar


Reliquus Ventures the owners of the Rentbazaar brand was started with the sole purpose of creating India’s No.1 rent and re-location web portal. Backed by potential Venture Capital funding and like minded partners with vast experience of working with India’s leading Business Houses, the project took shape with the foundation based on giving enough choice and ease of use for both the rent seeker and the rent provider. Reliquus Ventures approached Pegasus InfoCorp to give seed to their idea.

With a wide range of rental categories spanning residential property, office and retail space, storage and ceremonial space, short stay accommodation, commodities (electronics, furniture, computers, etc), services (movers and packers, travel, legal, food, etc), vehicles and roommates is truly a one stop solution to every rental need. Rent seekers have the ability to search across categories using a powerful Advanced Search facility which allows rent seekers to narrow down and refine their search thereby giving them only required results. Detailed search results with individual unit details, give the rent seeker all the necessary information and the ability to email enquiries directly to the rent provider allows them to zero in directly on their rental needs. Several other features are incorporated to truly give the rent seeker abundant choice in solving their rental needs, such as:

  • Broker/Agent search
  • City and Locality search
  • Email alerts based on saved search criteria
  • Ability to eLocate property locations on detailed locality maps
  • Occupancy Calendars showing daily room availability for short stay accommodation (hotels, guest houses, etc)
  • Area Conversion calculators
  • Ability to view actual property images
  • City specific adverts based on search criteria

Rent providers have a platform to list their properties and services using highly functional and detailed listing forms across categories. Features such as grouping rental units in the same locality, detailed location information, adding more than one unit, individual details for each added unit, adding multiple services with details and price for each service, uploading of up to five images, option to select premium listings (micro sites), ability to provide daily occupancy details for short stay accommodation, ability to map exact location on detailed locality maps allows rent providers an ideal way of showcasing their properties and services. An exhaustive "My Account" section gives rent providers access to every aspect of their rental postings. Rent providers can:

  • Post new listings easily across any category
  • Track responses to their listings (page clicks and page views)
  • Track their listing expiry dates and renew listings directly on expiry without filling in details again
  • View all their payment receipts
  • Edit their listings allowing for unforeseen changes
  • Activate/Deactivate listings
  • View updated listings rates using the advanced rate card feature

The website administrator has complete control over every feature of the site via a secure backend admin panel. Listings are posted on the website only after approval from the administrator. Administrator has full control keeping in mind strict laws regarding offensive material. An advanced interface allows the administrator to:

  • Manage all website payments for each of the 3 transaction types - card, cheque and cash
  • Generate payment reports for each transaction type based on city, location and date.
  • Manage every individual listing posted on the website and ability to filter offensive content
  • Manage website customers
  • Manage all advertisements on the site with the ability to constantly add new advertisements and individually view responses (page clicks and page views) for each advertisement.
  • Manage pricing schemes for each listing type with the ability to provide individual discounts using an advanced rate card feature
  • Manage the site contents using a built in content management system

The clients have been very impressed by the overall delivery, and have described it as follows "We all very much appreciate your team's work and the effort is seen in the website and hopefully to our customers. Your work is actually our most critical competitive edge. It's been a very fruitful 4 months of association with Pegasus InfoCorp on the website development work. I would like to thank your team for the excellent work and hope that it is just a small milestone achieved in a very long and mutually rewarding journey."

Continuing our partnership with Reliquus Ventures, Pegasus InfoCorp will soon be incorporating many more advanced features to the website like smart ads, occupancy calendars for individual units, advanced broker/agent section etc.

To know more about this project, and other featured clients that we have worked with, drop us a message, or mail us at

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