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Upgradation and Marketing of a Succesful Dot Com Business

Orios Ltd.: Flora2000, Florist2000, Dialabouquet and Findaflorist

Gibraltor, Europe


Orios Ltd. started a small flower delivery portal - in early 2001. Today this company manages various portals from the same, completely online backend software. It receives an average of 100000 hits daily, and has acquired top ranks on various search engines. When the technical and management teams at Orios Ltd. planned to upgrate certian sections of the backend of the portal from ASP to PHP, they chose Pegasus InfoCorp as their technical development partners.

The Pegasus InfoCorp project team worked with the Orios team to build a web architecture that would be appropriate for the huge number of hits that the site receives. All the outsourced modules were built on this architecture, and confirmed to the highest standards of PHP development. This included following a complete three-tier application framework over a modular architecture with OOP style coding, high level integration with mainframe applications and software of various flower portals/websites all over the world using web-services, direct HTTP requests and automated email services, highly optimized MySQL queries through a custom built database access layer (DAL), extensive use of PHP/shell scripts and cron jobs for repetitive tasks like a customized IMAP mail sending and reading daemon.

The final delivery included a well commented and documented code that could easily integrate with the complete backend software (developed inhouse at Orios Ltd.)

The site was completely built from a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective, to ensure that the site would give good results for highly competitive keywords such as ‘send flowers online’, ‘send flowers germany’ etc. Various advanced SEO techniques have been used to boost and maintain web rankings from a long term perspective. PPC and paid banner/ article exchange internet marketing campaigns have also been conducted from a branding perspective.

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