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 Party Manifestos for 2022 Polls Silent On Judicial Reform
   [Maka] Ahead of Angola's presidential and parliamentary elections this month, the United States Senate has taken the unusual step of passing a resolution calling for the electoral process to be conducted fairly, peacefully and transparently. Angolans might feel affronted by this: doesn't their Constitution, along with numerous laws and regulations, already guarantee this?
 Angola Face Oman in 7th Round of Chess Olympiad
   [ANGOP] Luanda -- The national men's chess team will face Oman, this Friday, for the 7th round of the Olympiad which takes place in the city of Chennai, India.
 Angola Armed Forces Reaffirm Engagement in Staff Training
   [ANGOP] Luanda -- Angola government is engaged in the training of national cadres of the Angola Armed Forces (FAA) in various fields, as part of its rebuilding process, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Egídio de Sousa Santos, said Wednesday.
 Elections202 - Unita Calls for Tolerance Among Contenders
   [ANGOP] Luanda -- UNITA appealed Wednesday in Luanda for the observance of a climate of tolerance and respect among the parties competing for the general elections of 24 August.
 Elections 2022 - MPLA Seeking to Reduce Unemployment Rate By 25 Percent
   [ANGOP] Talatona -- The ruling MPLA party announced its effort to reduce the unemployment rate by 25 percent over the next five years, if it wins the general elections of August.
 Elections 2022 - MPLA Carries On Social Housing Projects
   [ANGOP] Luanda -- The MPLA remains focused on social housing projects and their distribution throughout the country; said its candidate for President of the Republic João Lourenço, during airtime-programme on Angolan National Radio (RNA).
 Elections 2022 - Over 6,000 Angolans to Vote in Portugal
   [ANGOP] Lisbon -- At least 6,110 Angolans expected to vote in Lisbon, Portugal, said on Wednesday the deputy consul for the Communities of Angola in Lisbon, Portugal, Carlos Santos.
 Elections 2022 - MPLA Is the Party's Most Interested in Local Authorities - Leader
   [ANGOP] Dundo -- The head of the MPLA's list for August 24 general elections João Lourenço said Wednesday in Dundo, Lunda Norte province, that his party is the most one interested in the institutionalisation of local authorities, due to its role in harmonious development of the country.
 Elections2022 - Lunda Norte to Benefit From Seven Diamond Projects
   [ANGOP] Luanda -- Angolan government implemented seven "major diamond projects" over the five years in the eastern region of Angola.
 Elections 2022 - First Summary of the Eleventh Day
   [ANGOP] Luanda -- The eleventh day of the electoral campaign for the general elections for 24 August is being marked by the participation of contestants in mass political events and the mobilisation of voters in direct contact on Wednesday.
 2022 Elections - Angolans in Namibia Excited to Vote for the First Time
   [ANGOP] Oshakati -- Angolans residing in the capital city of Oshakati, in the Oshana region, expressed their enthusiasm to vote for the first time in the general elections of 24th August.
 Elections 2022 - Journalists Told to Avoid Partisan Propaganda
   [ANGOP] Lubango -- Journalists have been urged to refrain from partisan propaganda, but respecting the professional code of ethics.
 Elections2022 - MPLA Wants to Reduce Social Inequality
   [ANGOP] Saurimo -- MPLA party said that it will continue to promote programmes to reduce social inequality, in view of the ongoing progress.
 Elections2022 - First Summary of the Ninth Day of Campaign
   [ANGOP] Luanda -- The campaign for the election of the President of the Republic, Vice-President and MPs continued on Monday throughout the country, plus the utilisation by each party of the legal airtime in the public radio and television to publicise their respective menifestos.
 Elections 2022 - MPLA Vice President Chairs Political Event in Cunene
   [ANGOP] Ondjiva -- MPLA's vice president Luísa Damião has been in the southern province of Cunene to present her partys guidelines and address a mass political rally, as part of election campaign.
 Elections2022 - Casa-Ce Pledges to Turn Soyo Into Tourist Hub
   [ANGOP] Soyo -- Broad Convergence for the Salvation of Angola - Electoral Coalition (CASA-CE) has announced plans to turn the municipality of Soyo, northern Zaire province, into a tourist hotspot in the next five years.
 Elections 2022 - Cne Extends Registration Deadline for Delegates
   [ANGOP] Luanda -- National Electoral Commission (CNE) Monday (01 Aug) extended for further three days the deadline for receiving the accreditation list of delegates from the list of political parties competing for the 24 August general elections.
 Minister Highlights Women's Role in Stability, Family Cohesion
   [ANGOP] Luanda -- Angolan minister of State for Social Affairs Carolina Cerqueira highlighted in Luanda the women's role in stability, family cohesion and community development.
 President Kenyatta Commends Angola's Efforts Towards Normalization of Rwanda, DRC Relations
   [Capital FM] Nairobi -- President Uhuru Kenyatta has commended Angolan President João Lourenço for his efforts towards the normalization of relations between Rwanda and DR Congo.
 Elections2022 - Unita Calls for Transparency
   [ANGOP] Luanda -- The UNITA candidate for President of the Republic, Adalberto Costa Júnior, Saturday in Luanda appealled for the need for the general elections of 24 August to be fair and transparent.
 Fire Destroys 1,639 Hectares of Sugarcane Crops
   [ANGOP] Malanje -- At least 56,000 tons of sugar cane were lost in a devastating fire that ravaged 1,639 hectares of BIOCOM's production field on Wednesday in Cacuso, northern Malanje province.
 World Cup - National Amputee Football Team in Group F
   [ANGOP] Luanda -- The national amputee football team were placed in group F of the World Championship, to be held from 30 September to 10 October in Istanbul, Turkey.
 Miners Find Giant Pink Diamond, Dubbed The Lulo Rose
   [DW] Australia's Lucapa diamond company said on Wednesday that miners at a site in Angola had found a 170-carat pink diamond, dubbed the Lulo Rose.
 Angola's Fifth Multiparty Election - Continuity or Change?
   [Chatham House] With voters impatient for better government, Angola's parliamentary elections on 24 August will be the closest since democratic elections were first introduced.
 Rare Pink Diamond to Boost Angola's Troubled Mining Sector
   [RFI] Miners in Angola have unearthed a rare pure pink diamond, believed to be the largest found in 300 years. Following the US ban on imports of Russian gems, "Lulo Rose" could give Angola's troubled diamond mining industry a welcome boost.
 Angola's Eduardo Dos Santos - a Divisive Figure in Life - and in Death
   [The Conversation Africa] There is unlikely to be consensus on what José Eduardo dos Santos, Angola's former longtime president who died earlier this month in Barcelona, Spain, will represent in the memory of Angolans.
 Dos Santos Failed to Provide a Moral Example and Stop the Plunder of the State
   [The Conversation Africa] Silence is what comes to define the life and the death of the former Angolan president José Eduardo dos Santos (1942-2022), who died recently at a hospital in Barcelona, Spain, at the age of 79. Putting it slightly differently, his control of what he said and what he left unsaid defined not only how he lived and governed, but also how he managed the last years of his solitary life.
 Voluntary Repatriation of Refugees From Angola to DR Congo Resumes
   [UN News] After a two-year hiatus, the voluntary repatriation of refugees from Angola to their homeland in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has begun again, after the programme was put on hold in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic led to long-term border closures.
 Ex-President's Men Indicted Over Chinese Deals
   [Maka] On Friday July 8, coinciding with news of the death of former Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos, it was revealed that two of his closest associates face trial on corruption charges in connection with business deals funded by the Peoples' Republic of China to purchase Angolan oil and fund post-war reconstruction.
 On the Passing of Former Angolan President José Eduardo Dos Santos
   [State Department] The United States offers condolences on the death of former Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos. He played a consequential role in Angola's history, during its struggle for independence, as Foreign Minister, and as President.

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