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 UAE dismantles plane of gunrunner Russia wants for Americans
 Video: Ted Cruz was confronted after NRA conference by ex-House candidate at Houston restaurant: '19 children died! That's on your hands!'
 Video shows Western fighters ambushing Russian armored vehicle in Ukraine with rocket launcher
 FBI records on search for fabled gold raise more questions
 Two Professors Found What Creates a Mass Shooter. Will Politicians Pay Attention?
 Donald Trump's Stiff Chant Of Uvalde Victims' Names At NRA Rally Curdles Critics' Blood
 Man gets life in prison, plus 45 years, in beheading case
 Mother of Texas school gunman begs for forgiveness
 A former tech developer bought a rusty 1955 cruise ship on Craigslist and estimates he's spent $1 million restoring it. Check it out.
 Medicare recipients to see premium cut — but not until 2023
 She struggled to love her small chest. After starting a bra company, she finally does
 Coweta man sentenced in ‘worst child molestation case’ judge had ever seen
 Parole recommended for California follower of Charles Manson
 Lee Greenwood, After Canceling NRA Appearance, Drops Bomb on Fox News: ‘That Weapon Killed Kids!’
 Authorities say security video shows the back door of Texas school was propped open by a teacher just before the gunman attacked the school
 Chechen leader, staunch Putin ally, threatens Poland over support for Ukraine
 Elon Musk said Bill Gates has a multi-billion dollar bet against Tesla and calls Jeff Bezos 'fine, I guess'
 Former ESPN Journalist's Excuse For Uvalde Police Inaction Shocks Twitter Users
 Fort Hood sergeant rings alarm on allegedly troubled base
 Russians banned from sending supply vehicles to the frontline - Ukrainian Intelligence
 Uvalde, Texas residents react to Beto O'Rourke disrupting Abbott press conference: 'Bull----'
 Japan terrorist group founder freed after serving time
 The Uvalde school police chief initially told the public there were 'some deaths' after the shooting. Authorities now say he refused to send cops into the building during the massacre.
 Strippers can apparently better forecast the market than your finance bro
 Jury delivers guilty verdict in Markel murder case
 Ukrainian artillery throw Russians a "hell of a party" at a hamlet near Huliaipole
 Jimmy Kimmel Has Some Blunt Advice For 'Stepmom Porn' Fan Ted Cruz
 Kremlin official rails against West, accuses it of 'canceling Russia'
 Disappointing photos show crowds at one of Utah's most popular national parks — before the busy summer season has even begun
 A trucker crashed his truck at a Florida Publix. He had ‘an honest response’ for cops
 New law puts NHL great Konstantinov's 24/7 care in jeopardy
 'I am horrified.' RCSD teachers placed on leave after offensive text messages uncovered
 Trump Jr. allies issue warning to Stefanik camp: Don’t go after Tucker’s kid
 Georgia investigation into Trump's efforts to overturn 2020 election ramps up
 Texas Lieutenant Defends Uvalde Cops Waiting for Backup: ‘They Could’ve Been Shot’
 The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, is so tall that people perceive time differently from the top and bottom floors
 Iran seizes 2 Greek tankers in Persian Gulf as tensions rise
 Singaporean man terrorizes neighbors day and night for 11 years by banging on apartment walls
 Family of Washington County man who was killed while mowing his lawn speaks out
 'No future for babies:' 842 US-bound Haitians end up in Cuba
 Grandfathers are to fight: Putin signs a law admitting people to the army under contract up to age 65
 African pythons dumped in NC forest before mushroom hunter discovers cage, group says
 Nevada student says anonymous gun tips used to bully him
 CNN reporter calls out Texas police official at school shooting press conference: 'We've been given a lot of bad information'
 Trump says 'evil' like Texas massacre a reason to arm, not disarm
 Mexican president wants to re-name drug growing area
 Why 'Stranger Things' Actor Caleb McLaughlin, Who Reportedly Earns $250K Per Episode, Didn't Splurge Until 5 Years In
 Watch 'Slowest Pitch On Record' To Make A Batter Miss In Major League Baseball
 Prosecutors: Chicago woman admitted smothering daughter, 8
 Texas shooting: Reporters demand White House press secretary explain why Biden isn't doing more on gun control

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