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Pegasus InfoCorp helps build customized web software and undertakes web development software solutions for clients internationally. We also build front end websites, and offline software that integrates with our web based software. Our services/ custom built software solutions include Web Development, web development, web software, small business web software development and enterprise scale business software development on web technologies.
 Ford recalls over 550,000 pickup trucks because transmissions can suddenly downshift to 1st gear
 Toyota Customer Gives Us An Update On The Dealership Tracking Device
 ‘Please send help. I’m stuck’: RTA driver pleads for assistance after bus surrounded
 Russia summons the American ambassador over a deadly attack that Moscow says used US-made missiles
 Judge imposes 21 life terms against woman who sexually abused her two sons, family dog
 Acre by acre, Ten Mile Road might slowly turn into a city of apartments and 6,000 people
 Chinese and Japanese coast guard ships in stand-off around disputed islands
 Céline Dion suffers 'unimaginable' medical crisis on camera: Her doctor explains what happened
 New clues: Why ‘mysterious’ choppers hovered over CLE
 Automakers ask US agency to reconsider emergency braking rule
 A Russian soldier's killing of a wounded comrade highlights the 'brutal culture' rampant inside Russia's military, war analysts say
 Here Are the Net Worth and Income That Put You in the Top 5% of American Households by Age
 Vietnam's VinFast looks to tiny EV, priced at less than $10,000, to change its fortunes
 ‘It’s wrong’: GOP, Democratic lawmakers react to including women in military draft
 My Jaw Has Gone Completely Slack After Reading These 23 Absolutely Ridiculous And Unfair Requests From Bosses
 Trump has spent months painting Biden as incompetent. Now he's changing his tone before the debate
 Ukraine destroyed columns of waiting Russian troops as soon as it was allowed to strike across the border, commander says
 Costco CEO says 1 item is more important than everything else sold in the store
 US needs Chinese students in humanities, Indian students for sciences, US diplomat says
 Individuals Who Grew Up as an 'Only Child' Usually Develop These 7 Traits as Adults, Psychologists Say
 One Oregon region identified as potential ‘hotbed’ for 2024 wildfire season
 What’s causing the devastating flooding in the Midwest?
 ‘Months to correct, if not years’: Car dealerships and customers feel the impact as CDK outage drags on
 Panicking Trump Tries Yet Another Get-Out-of-Debate Free Card
 King Charles III welcomes Emperor Naruhito of Japan to UK on state visit
 An $18 Big Mac sparked a revolt against high prices. Companies are finally listening
 'Look At The Evidence': Karl Rove Drops Bad News For Trump Live On Fox News
 Boeing offers to buy Spirit Aero for $35/shr, Bloomberg News reports
 Elon Musk confirms 12th child as he and Shivon Zilis welcomed new baby earlier this year
 35 Painfully Awkward Wrong Number Texts That Spiraled Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Wayyyyyy Out Of Control
 Ex-University of Arizona grad student gets life sentence for killing professor on campus
 Russia is crumbling from within
 George Conway Tells Trump What The Rest Of The World Really Thinks About Him
 Maui ponders its future as leaders consider restricting vacation rentals loved by tourists
 A Change in This Daily Habit Could Be an Early Sign of Dementia, According to New Research
 Nvidia Stock Is Cracking. How to Sidestep the Damage.
 A big boost for a climate solution: electricity made from the heat of the Earth
 Newsom family will move to Marin County this summer, citing children’s education
 American POW accounted for 82 years after Bataan Death March
 Bankers who helped Putin's friend move millions via Swiss bank accounts lose appeal
 Former Minnesota Wild player seriously injured in two-vehicle crash, still in HCMC 5 days later
 Trump Facing More Trouble After Shady Meeting With Oil Executives
 US dollar's dominance secure, BRICS see no progress on de-dollarization -report
 Savannah Chrisley Reacts to Mom Julie's Overturned Prison Sentence
 Rival Groups Clash Outside Synagogue in LA
 Things to know about dangerous rip currents and how swimmers caught in one can escape
 As Americans trim spending, these cheap steakhouses are booming
 I’m an Average Middle-Class Retiree: Here’s How Much Savings I Have
 Electric-vehicle maker Rivian simplifies output, cuts costs, aiming for first profit
 Chevy Chase sandwich restaurant closing, but it’s moving to a new Lexington location

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