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Pegasus InfoCorp helps build customized web software and undertakes web development software solutions for clients internationally. We also build front end websites, and offline software that integrates with our web based software. Our services/ custom built software solutions include Web Development, web development, web software, small business web software development and enterprise scale business software development on web technologies.
 Amazon is reportedly trying to offer Prime subscribers free cell phone service
 Trump Loses It as Lawyers Push DOJ Not to Charge Him
 Robert Hanssen, most damaging spy in FBI history, found dead in prison cell
 Vigilantes in Haiti strike back at gangsters with brutal street justice
 California law enforcement intercepted a second plane in Sacramento carrying relocated migrants, as DeSantis remains mum about his involvement
 Take a look at the first prison-yard photo snapped of Elizabeth Holmes after she started her 11-year sentence in Texas
 College graduate caught working during commencement sparks conversation about Gen Z's fixation with corporate life: 'Gotta save that limited PTO'
 'You can make $60-80k': This TikToker encourages women to find 'lazy girl jobs' — which she defines as something you can 'quiet' quit. And the insight has viewers excited
 Scout pythons help scientists battle spread of giant snakes as program passes 10th year
 Hear sonic boom from US fighters scrambling to unresponsive aircraft
 Prominent Florida family linked to plane that flew over DC, crashed in Virginia mountains
 U.S. Recovered 'Intact And Partially Intact Vehicles' Of Non-Human Origin: Whistleblower
 Chuck Todd leaving NBC political panel show 'Meet the Press' and being replaced by Kristen Welker
 What Happened When a Brooklyn Neighborhood Policed Itself for Five Days
 16 years ago, people spent days in lines around the block to buy iPhones. Apple is announcing a new gadget today, and no one seems to care.
 Andy Cohen says his daughter was 'one of the first surrogate babies' born in New York. Here's why.
 ‘Cryptic’ mountain creature — with 9 babies on its back — discovered as new species
 Missouri Wants To Execute Michael Tisius Tuesday Despite Widespread Pleas To Spare His Life
 Analysis-Saudi Arabia's 'icing on the cake' oil cut could feed US producers
 Lauren Boebert now says her failure to vote on the debt limit was 'a protest.' But video from that night shows her frantically running up the Capitol steps trying to make it inside in time.
 ‘I'm a healthy GP – but I was shocked by the effect three slices of pizza could have’
 Neighbor shares what they noticed before apparent murder-suicide
 House Oversight leaders clash after viewing FBI document on Biden allegations
 A New York couple who saw their cupcake empire soar to a $66 million business before going bust say there's never been a moment of regret selling the business — and wouldn't write off doing it again
 Oklahoma school board approves what would be the 1st taxpayer-funded religious school in US
 The People I Was Selling My Home to Had Nonsense Reasons for Asking for Money Off. Here's How I Handled It
 Fact check: Trump boasts about a massive oil purchase that never happened
 What led Capitol Police to stop a youth performance of the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’
 Man runs over two women, then angry mob drags him out of truck, Texas police say
 Apple just revealed its first major product in over 8 years — meet the $3,499 'Vision Pro'
 US Navy says Iran Revolutionary Guard fast-attack boats 'harassed' ship in Strait of Hormuz
 No, this isn’t Photoshopped. Some dude actually turned his pedalboard into a diorama of a raging outdoor show using $3k worth of figurines
 Axelrod: Manchin is ‘dead man walking’ in West Virginia
 US releases video showing close-call in Taiwan Strait with Chinese destroyer
 UC student says she failed assignment for using term 'biological women'
 Russia bragged that it easily defeated a Ukrainian tank attack, but even pro-Russia bloggers say the battle didn't go well
 Here’s why Haley thinks DeSantis is going after Disney
 23-year-old store clerk is killed during robbery, Tennessee cops say. ‘Taken from us’
 ‘I’ve worked my whole life and paid my taxes — now they want more’
 Chinese ex-official's wife says alleged repatriation pressure turned her life in US 'upside-down'
 Hundreds of White women gather at Colorado Capitol after plea from women of color to use their ‘privilege’ to demand action on gun violence
 Here's the average net worth of Americans at every age — how do you stack up? (Plus 3 simple tips to boost your wealth if you're way behind)
 India suspension bridge collapses for a second time
 ChatGPT may be coming for our jobs. Here are the 10 roles that AI is most likely to replace.
 Billionaire Jack Dorsey Deals a Huge Blow to President Biden
 China seeks dialogue, says clash with US would be 'unbearable disaster'
 Russian radio stations broadcast panicky announcement by Putin of "invasion by Armed Forces of Ukraine", Kremlin says it's a fake
 ‘Unwanted guest’ pulled a knife on a neighbor, Florida cops say. Then came the chase
 Russia says it thwarted major Ukrainian offensive, Kyiv says Moscow spreads lies
 The 82nd Airborne Division just announced its newest unit. Here's what it will do

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