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Pegasus InfoCorp helps build customized web software and undertakes web development software solutions for clients internationally. We also build front end websites, and offline software that integrates with our web based software. Our services/ custom built software solutions include Web Development, web development, web software, small business web software development and enterprise scale business software development on web technologies.
 Self-professed 'Wolf of Airbnb' sentenced to over 4 years in prison for defrauding landlords
 Las Vegas woman says she recorded child sex assault to avoid blackmail: police
 Lake Pleasant boaters experience monsoon chaos: 'It was crazy'
 Vatican's Pius XII archives shed light on another contentious chapter: The Legion of Christ scandal
 Four wildfires reach ‘megafire’ status in Oregon, scorching thousands of acres
 Fast-moving Riverside County wildfire forces evacuations
 India ed-tech firm Byju's founder faces reckoning as startup implodes
 Woman who died from ME begged GP for help after hospital ‘did nothing’
 Delta Airlines taking steps to ‘make it right’ for customers after global tech outage
 No prison for a nursing home owner who sent 800 residents to ride out a hurricane in squalor
 Secret Service boss estimates how many times agents were alerted about "suspicious individual" ahead of Trump shooting.
 Marjorie Taylor Greene's Attack On Secret Service Director Manages To Backfire
 Boeing and NASA engineers have wrapped up ground tests on the Starliner thruster
 Eight people, including infant, hospitalized in Lancaster County horse and buggy crash
 5 Grocery Stores You Might Want To Avoid When Purchasing Ground Beef, According To Customer Reviews
 NYCB closes sale of about $6 billion mortgage warehouse loans to JPMorgan Chase
 Video of Hundreds of Gators Swarming in Georgia Swamp Is Making Everybody Uneasy
 Dozens of illnesses across 28 states are now linked to a company's 'microdosing' gummies and chocolate bars
 Chinese truck and food makers attempt to regain consumer trust after tanker scandal
 New study makes surprising find about households with rooftop solar panels — here's what it means
 Dave Ramsey: 6 Biggest Retirement Myths You Shouldn’t Believe
 Anti-whaling campaigner Paul Watson arrested in Greenland. He faces possible extradition to Japan
 Two earthquakes recorded in Northern California near Lake Tahoe: USGS
 Scientists discover ‘dark’ oxygen being produced more than 13,000 feet below the ocean surface
 LSU cornerback Javien Toviano arrested on accusation of video voyeurism, authorities say
 Billionaires Are Selling Nvidia Stock and Buying an Index Fund That Could Soar Up to 5,655%, According to Certain Wall Street Analysts
 Archaeologists Found a Lost Temple in the Sand That Solves a Major Historical Puzzle
 Boeing exec says planemaker has settled on design for MAX 7 icing issue
 ‘Absolutely rocked’: Storm destroys $500K worth of crops at Berthoud farm
 Before plunging to its death, NASA's Cassini spacecraft saw secrets in the seas of Saturn's moon Titan
 A man facing execution for 1998 murder addresses Utah parole board, asks for life sentence instead
 Teens Laugh After Crashing Kia Into Los Angeles Storefront
 5 surprising signs you’re no longer ‘middle class’ in America and you've clawed your way up the class ladder
 Lucy-Bleu Knight, Slash's Stepdaughter, Dead at 25
 Watch: Deckhand nearly skewered as blue marlin leaps into boat
 Beekeepers develop surprisingly simple solution to fight major invasive species wreaking havoc on hives: 'Its effectiveness was staggering'
 Tesla to have humanoid robots for internal use next year, Musk says
 Why Berkshire’s $1.5 Billion Sale of Bank of America Stock Could Be Just the Beginning
 MAGA Melts Down Over Mike Pence’s Very Normal Announcement on Biden
 LA Police Officers Shot During Traffic Stop With AR-15
 Adidas Apologizes to Bella Hadid After She Hires Lawyers for 1972 Olympics-Inspired Campaign
 Gluckstadt Board of Aldermen holds public hearing, considers rezoning for Megadome. See when
 China to allow delayed retirement to combat population woes
 5 Car Brands With the Most Reliable Engines
 Woman stabbed repeatedly at Miami International Airport. Man faces attempted murder charge
 Missouri judge overturns the murder conviction of a man imprisoned for more than 30 years
 Churches are making electrifying changes as 'creation care' trend sweeps across nation: 'I expect … it's really going to boom'
 Crew Who Spent a Year in Simulated NASA Mars Base Say They Spent a Lot of Time Watching TV
 Alphabet to report double-digit Q2 growth; AI adoption, ballooning costs in focus
 Ask an Advisor: I'm Downsizing for Retirement and Will Net $750k From My Home. Will I Have to Pay Capital Gains Taxes?

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