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Flash and Interactive Web Media | Pegasus InfoCorp

Flash and Interactive Web Media


A high-class design reinforces your message and delivers it with more impact to the target customers. The impression it conveys holds the visitors attention and makes them come back over and over again.

Pegasus InfoCorp is a high quality web design, flash development and interactive media development firm that delivers on high end designs for clients worldwide. First impressions are as important online as they are offline. A key element that will let your visitors know that your organization is professional is the design of your site. Custom web design will set your web presence apart from the crowd.

Custom design means that the look and feel of the website is built from the ground up to project the image the client wants. While it is possible to save money using pre-made templates, a serious business is almost always better off with a look that is both unique and tightly tailored to the requirements of the market. Custom website design costs a bit more, but the result is something youíll be living with for the long term. The design of the website is the first impression many will have of your business or organization, and itís the way you may be judged

Web design can be simple or complex, but in either case it can be done well or very, very badly. Simple websites may look easy to do, but keeping something clean and professional requires a solid grounding in graphic design principles, as well as experience in creating websites with HTML built on W3C standards. Once upon a time, the internet was a place anyone could splash up a bunch of text and a few photos and look like a serious player. Now, users are more sophisticated, expectations have risen, and professional website design with essential the essential flash touch has become the minimum standard.

Pegasus InfoCorp has substantial experience in high quality W3C compatible website design, flash development, flash action scripting and interactive media web development. We have designed sites for clients worldwide and across industry segments. We have created websites that appeal to college students, we have designed websites that have reassured high-end financial backers. We have appealed to potential voters, donors, and customers. Our design can make the little person look big, the strait-laced company seem fun, and the struggling group seem confident. More importantly, we have given a sense of place, an atmosphere to businesses that are seen mostly online.

Pegasus InfoCorp offers a wide range of professional cost-effective web design and advanced flash design services including first-rate website and logo design, corporate identity development, web animation and banners, online demos, flash web sites, advanced flash programming, multimedia and flash presentations.

Pegasus InfoCorp excels in business-focused flash design. From image-enhancing accent animations to highly-advanced online multimedia applications, Pegasus InfoCorp has a unique combination of experts and expertise to unleash the true power of Flash multimedia.

Flash multimedia is a very powerful and flexible medium. Yet it typically is misused, driven by a designer's hubris to create expensive modern art instead of effective business tools. By combining world-class creative media with innovative programming functionality and sound business logic, Pegasus InfoCorp will transform your multimedia into an accelerated business tool. Our 2D and 3D flash development and interactive media web development would help in:

  • building brand awareness
  • increasing perceived value
  • enhancing customer experience
  • explaining complex concepts
  • delivering advanced functionality
Successful artwork for the Internet is achieved by balancing the needs of strong, eye-catching website design with the technological constraints of download times and the ability to work in all browsers using a minimum of plug-ins. Any website design needs to look authoritative, convey the correct messages and download with optimum speed. Our website design department works on the artistic and technological threshold pushing back the inherent restraints of working online.
To know more about us, our services and solutions, drop us a message or mail us at info@pegasusinfocorp.com
Flash and Interactive Web Media | Pegasus InfoCorp  
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