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Content Management System | Pegasus InfoCorp

Content Management System


The growing importance of web-driven operations requires small to medium-sized businesses to update their applications rapidly. Our versatile content management systems can be deployed in all web technology platforms. Pegasus InfoCorp can deliver on content management solutions that have been successfully integrated in applications with diverse requirements. Be it community portal, intranet or eCommerce apps, Pegasus InfoCorp content management system solutions provides clients with flexibility and freedom to update content on your application.

Timely and relevant information drives your application attracting visitors and keeping them coming back again. Pegasus InfoCorp develops content management solutions enabling clients to have complete control over their app's content and structure. Our content management system enables you to leverage the following benefits:

  • Effective content management
  • Rich and engaging user experience
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Enterprise scalability
Years of experience have shown us that every organization has individual requirements for an effective content management system. Understanding client processes and taking into consideration their immediate and future needs, Pegasus InfoCorp helps provide the "right-scale" solution that fits their business case and budget. Some functionalities that are required by clients (individually or in a group) are outlined below.


Users can maintain their content in a familiar, Microsoft Word like WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment. Staff can bold text, insert links, bullet points, tables, images, change font styles, colors and much more.

News Publishing and Auto Archiving

Need to make regular announcements on your application? Our Content Management System for dynamic content such as News allows such content to be added to a application quickly and easily. The system automatically archives old news items and can publish the news across multiple pages (such as a summary on the front page with the required pagination) of your application simultaneously.

Content Scheduling and Expiration

Got a press release or new product launching soon? Your staff can collaborate on the required changes to your application days, weeks even months before the update needs to go live. All that needs to be set is a start date and time and an optional expiry date and time, and the system will do the rest.

Email Campaign/ Newsletter Management

This module allows clients to attract and retain customers with professional-looking opt-in email announcements and newsletters. Among other things, this system allows clients to easily compose professional emails and target different customer segments with personalized messages.

Multi-lingual Support

If the client target audience is spread across multiple languages and regions, Pegasus InfoCorp can provide for third party software integration with the Content Management System. This will help app's visitors and members view content in their language of choice. The primary content management is done in English, but automated translation is done into different languages on a real time basis as required by app's visitors.

Digital Asset Management

Need to distribute Adobe Acrobat Documents, update a flash animation, add a new video clip or modify a product image? Our Content Management Solutions provide flexible support for Microsoft Word and Excel documents, PDF documents, Videos, Images and a range of other digital assets. These could be uploaded on the app using content management systems built by Pegasus InfoCorp. Such digital assets could also be placed at different locations on the page using the content management system.

Metadata Creation

The content management system can create page title, description, keywords for effective indexing and searching.
To know more about us, our services and solutions, drop us a message or mail us at info@pegasusinfocorp.com

Content Management System | Pegasus InfoCorp  
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