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Pegasus InfoCorp Advantage | Pegasus InfoCorp

The Pegasus InfoCorp Advantage


At Pegasus InfoCorp, we provide our associates the chance to work on cutting edge technologies, opportunity to work with Fortune 100 clientèle across different locations globally, a great work environment and fabulous colleagues - all this with competitive compensation packages & above all quality work on critical development projects.

When we asked our employees about the best reasons to work with us, here's what they came up with!

Belief in People

Pegasus InfoCorp believes its true strength lies in the potential of its associates. Associates work in an atmosphere of trust and confidence and are looked upon as future leaders of the company. We have a lean structure, which gives employees a lot of individual empowerment and project responsibility.

Growth Options

There are huge opportunities for vertical and lateral growth here. In very large firms, even very smart, hard working people get 'lost in the crowd'. But at Pegasus InfoCorp, you get a chance to shine in each project. There are people who have grown in the fields they specialize in and there are people who have diversified to other areas and excelled. At Pegasus InfoCorp, you can grow as fast as you can excel.

Live Projects

Would you like to be sitting on the bench, or would you like to be part of core project development? Would you like to be part of a 100 person team doing a migration project, or would you like to be part of a small 10 member multifaceted dynamic project team which shoulders huge responsibility? At Pegasus InfoCorp, our employees are part of small teams, where every team member's contribution is very important.


Our compensation system is both stringent and liberal. Growth and compensation are performance based in a true meritocracy. We have a well established performance review system based on the principle of "best rewards" for people. Every person is reviewed on different aspects of work personality that includes primarily project delivery, but also capabilities, zeal to learn, timeliness of work and team member attitude.

Informal Workplace

Pegasus InfoCorp believes that all our employees perform best in an environment, which permits freedom of expression and an air of informality. The company encourages associates to voice a counter viewpoint without fear of retribution. The belief that every associate is a leader is reflected in Pegasus InfoCorp's practice of assigning critical tasks based on capability, rather than seniority. Pegasus InfoCorp discourages hierarchical barriers and associates are free to reach one another in the company. Associates are encouraged to address each other by their first name, irrespective of the role or position. Everyone is referred to as an associate and is a partner in the company's progress


In-house training and external training, combined with regular focus on development of employees ensures ongoing technology learning and personality development. Lively interaction beyond work sphere enhances product knowledge and at the same time enhances new technology know how. Through classroom-based and virtual courses, and through e-learning modules, we believe all our employees should never stop learning.

Travel and Timing Convenience

Pegasus InfoCorp offices globally are typically located within minutes of major train and metro stations. And we offer as much flexibility as possible in work timings, depending on project constraints.

Work colleagues

Pegasus InfoCorp associates are hand-picked after several rounds of interviews, and adhere to strict technical and behavioural norms. Like minded people will provide an excellent backdrop to further develop you as an individual and a professional

Fun and Celebrations

Fun is serious business at Pegasus InfoCorp, be it birthday parties, Saturday treats or the occassional picnics and overnight camps. It is these fun filled events that keep our associates on their toes working through day and night to fulfil our clients’ demands. The whole objective is to work hard and have fun!

Quality of Life and Work-Life Balance

Quality of life and work-life balance are important factors that affect work performance as well as office environment. To give this quality life, it is important that no one is overstressed with work, everyone gets a nice work environment and have an active personal life as well. We take care of these smaller concerns to save precious time of our people.

Development Centres

Our development centres and on-site locations are pre-designed and built with world class technology infrastructure including a wireless networks with broadband Internet, 24/7 international telephony and flexible laptop/ desktop mounting architecture.

Further Education

Pegasus InfoCorp encourages associates to pursue further self-education endeavours and assists them with flexible timings and in-house libraries and digital media

Pursuit of Excellence

Achieving excellence is a part of Pegasus InfoCorp's corporate DNA. Pegasus InfoCorp constantly endeavours to benchmark all processes and outcomes against the global best and aims to surpass them. Doing whatever IT takes to achieve success is part of our corporate ethos.

And finally, the Pursuit of Happiness!

At Pegasus InfoCorp we realize that happiness resulting from self actualization is indeed one of the best forms of happiness. We hope to play a significant part in our associates' individual objectives to be, well, Happy!

To know more about us, our services and solutions, drop us a message or mail us at info@pegasusinfocorp.com
Pegasus InfoCorp Advantage | Pegasus InfoCorp  
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