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 Election violence continues in India's Bengal

Election violence continues in India's BengalViolent clashes continued in India on Sunday between supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu nationalist party and a regional party in the politically volatile eastern state of West Bengal, officials said. Rival supporters regularly engaged in pitched battles across the state during the bitterly fought elections that saw Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) clinch a massive victory both in the state and nationwide.

 Rape survivors in the US already not able to access abortions, campaigners warn

Rape survivors in the US already not able to access abortions, campaigners warnRape survivors in the US are being denied abortions due to financial barriers, “invasive” police intervention and a dearth of abortion providers, campaigners have warned.Abortion rights activists argued that the procedure is already very difficult to access for huge numbers of Americans – particularly people of colour and those on a low wage.Abortion opponents across the US have become increasingly emboldened in their efforts to roll back women’s reproductive rights since Donald Trump entered the White House in January 2016. Legislation to restrict abortion rights has been introduced in 16 states this year.Oriaku Njoku, the executive director of an organisation based in Georgia which helps low-income women access abortion, said the organisation had encountered women who were wanting to get their pregnancy terminated due to it being the product of rape.“You can use medicated funds in cases rape and incest but there is a lot of bureaucracy so it is hard to get it. Most people opt not to do that. You have to have a police report. It is too complicated. People do not have time to wait for all this paperwork," said Ms Njoku, who is also the co-founder of Atlanta-based Access Reproductive Care-Southeast, which works in six different states in the south of America.“After you have had an abortion, they test to see who the father is with DNA testing. It is a whole process. The police have to go to the hospital to get products of conception. It is really invasive. We come across people choosing not to do this a lot.“There is also the problem that women who are rape survivors can’t afford it and they do not know where to go. They could be living with their abuser or rapist. Or not feeling like they have the support. They could be talking to someone who has this twisted mindset. People are shamed or coerced into carrying their pregnancy to full term.”Ms Njoku’s comments came after Georgia governor Brian Kemp signed the controversial “heartbeat” abortion ban into law this month – giving the southern state one of the most restrictive laws in the US.The legislation, which has provoked outrage among women’s rights groups, bans abortion once cardiac activity can be detected in an embryo. This can be as early as six weeks – at which point many women do not yet know they are pregnant. The bill imposes jail sentences for women found guilty of aborting or attempting to abort their pregnancies, with the potential for life imprisonment and the death penalty. It is not scheduled to come into effect until 1 January and is expected to face challenges in the courts – and potentially be postponed. Anti-abortion activists hope challenges will lead to the US Supreme Court reversing Roe vs Wade – the landmark Supreme Court decision that legalised abortion nationwide in 1973 – especially with new conservative justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh sitting on the court.Ms Njoku argued that a lack of trust towards the police among black communities due to police brutality also led to people choosing not to report instances of sexual assault and therefore not being able to access abortion. She noted that some women might not even be able to access abortion, despite having become pregnant through incest.She said the cost of getting an abortion in the US – where healthcare is privatised and a national health service does not exist – varies from state to state but can quickly skyrocket the further a woman moves along in her pregnancy.Ms Njoku said: “It is about $500 for a first-trimester abortion but the price goes up every week. The most expensive I’ve seen is $22,000 for a later term abortion. She was around 24 weeks along. But people barely even have $500. Folks barely have savings when they are living paycheck to paycheck. There is also a pay gap between women of colour and white women.“Roe v Wade made abortion legal but not acceptable for people in many communities in the US. Rural people, low-income people, and people of colour struggle to access abortion. They are struggling every day and then you add on the unexpected cost of an abortion. It’s always been bad here. In Mississippi, there is only one abortion provider. There are three independent abortion providers in Alabama."We have been seeing independent abortion clinics closing every year due to a lack of funding and all the restrictions placed.”The campaigner’s organisation, Access Reproductive Care-Southeast, which carries out its work in Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Mississippi, provides financial support, logistical help and advice around abortion.“We drive them to get abortions, we help provide someone to watch their kids, we give them somewhere to stay out of state. We try to do what we can to eliminate barriers,” she added.The campaigner said women who lived in rural communities often struggled to access abortions due to not having internet access or having a poor internet connection. This was often compounded, she said, by women not having any friends or family they can confide in who are in favour of abortion and therefore not having anyone who would be willing to drive them on what could be a four-hour journey to an abortion clinic or a two-hour drive to a bus stop. They came across a woman in the south of Georgia who was not able to get anyone she knew to drive her to Atlanta for an abortion due to them objecting to the procedure – with it taking her a total of two weeks to find childcare and a lift. She had already been to the coastal city of Savannah but had been refused an abortion due to being too far along.Ms Njoku said anti-abortion activists were “trying everything” to reverse women’s abortions rights – adding that they were just “throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks”. She added: “They feel emboldened because they feel they have support from administration. Even the fear that is being created is starting to be a barrier to care for people. People have been calling our hotline thinking they would have to travel from Georgia to another state. Some people are scared and ask if they should cancel their appointment. “We are reassuring people they can stay inside their home state. There is no other type of healthcare where people have to go through hoops and obstacles to access basic healthcare. If they are going to overturn Roe, abortions are not going to stop. No matter what, we are going to be here to provide for our community.”Ms Njoku, whose organisation is run and led by black people living in the south, said she had encountered racism from anti-abortion activists while carrying out her work – with people asking “don’t black lives matter” as she goes into clinics and offering to adopt women’s babies.More than a dozen other states have passed or are considering versions of Georgia’s law. Kentucky, Mississippi and Ohio have also approved bans on abortion once a foetal heartbeat is detected. Alexa Kolbi-Molinas, an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer, said: “There are already large swathes of this country and thousands of people for whom the right to have an abortion is just an illusion. Since 2011, politicians have passed more than 400 medically unnecessary and politically motivated restrictions. These laws affect people of colour, people struggling financially and young people. It is important to keep the focus on what is the reality for women already.”She will be challenging Alabama’s new law mandating a near total ban on abortion which the governor signed into law last week. Under the law, doctors would face 10 years in prison for attempting to terminate a pregnancy and 99 years for carrying out the procedure. The abortion ban, which has been branded a “death sentence for women”, would even criminalise performing abortions in cases of rape and incest.

 Iran can sink U.S. warships with 'secret weapons', military official says

Iran can sink U.S. warships with 'secret weapons', military official saysIran can sink U.S. warships sent to the Gulf region using missiles and "secret weapons", a senior Iranian military official was quoted as saying by the semi-official news agency Mizan on Saturday. The United States on Friday announced the deployment of 1,500 troops to the Middle East, describing it as an effort to bolster defenses against Iran as it accused the country's Revolutionary Guards of direct responsibility for this month's tanker attacks.

 Four more deaths on traffic-jammed Everest

Four more deaths on traffic-jammed EverestA traffic jam of climbers in the Everest "death zone" was blamed for two of four new deaths reported Friday, heightening concerns that the drive for profits is trumping safety on the world's highest peak. Nepal has issued a record 381 permits costing $11,000 each for the current spring climbing season, bringing in much-needed money for the impoverished Himalayan country. The four latest deaths reported on Friday, taking the toll from a deadly week on the overcrowded peak to eight, include two Indians and a Nepali on the Nepal side and an Austrian on the way down on the northern Tibetan side, officials and expedition organisers said.

 People Can't Stop Talking About This Viral 'Game Of Thrones' Alternate Ending

People Can't Stop Talking About This Viral 'Game Of Thrones' Alternate EndingAn alternate “Game of Thrones” ending has gone viral online, and it’s substantially better than the real version.Twitter user Khaled Comics posted a video of Bran turning into the Night King in the final moments of the show and revealing he waged into Daenerys before her slaughter of King’s Landing.Honestly, it’s about a billion-and-a-half times better than the actual ending. Give it a watch below:> What if GameOfThonesFinale Was like this > alternativeEndingGOTSeasonFinale> > — Khaled Comics (@KhaledComics) May 21, 2019Can somebody from HBO please explain to me how some random guy on Twitter can get his viral ending to be much better than the actual ending millions of dollars were spent on?It doesn’t make any sense, but it’s just further proof of how bad the original ending was for millions of fans around the world.

 Judge blocks Trump from building sections of border wall

Judge blocks Trump from building sections of border wallSAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal judge has blocked President Donald Trump from building key sections of his border wall with money secured under his declaration of a national emergency, delivering what may prove a temporary setback on one of his highest priorities.

 Missing yoga teacher found alive two weeks after disappearing in Hawaii forest

Missing yoga teacher found alive two weeks after disappearing in Hawaii forestA yoga instructor who had been missing in a Hawaiian forest for more than two weeks has been found alive.Amanda Eller, 35, was last seen early on the morning of 8 May as she set off on a hike in the Makawao Forest Reserve trail on Maui island.Rescuers found her safe and in remarkably good condition after a helicopter team spotted her waving from the stream bed of a ravine around 5pm on Friday.Ms Eller’s friends and volunteers who joined the 17-day search said she had lost her shoes in the jungle and was suffering from sunburn, but otherwise had no other injuries. The physical therapist had survived on water and local plants, one said.“She was very alert, she knew her father’s phone number, she knew who she was, where she was, knew exactly how long she had been out there,” her friend Chris Berquist told ABC News. “I’ve never felt something quite that overpowering.”Ms Eller was able to call her father from the helicopter that lifted her out of the ravine and took her to Maui Memorial Hospital to be checked over.The woman’s family – who had feared she could have been “intercepted” by someone after she disappeared – had raised the reward for finding her from $10,000 to $50,000 only hours before she was found.Hundreds of volunteers, including many experienced hikers, had joined the effort to locate the missing yoga teacher – originally from the US state of Maryland but living and working in Hawaii. Police dogs and drones had been used to scour the forest.Ms Eller was last seen by her boyfriend Benjamin Konkol before she set off on a morning hike without her phone. He told ABC News last week that evidence suggested “she’s definitely still here, we just haven’t found her yet”.Her mother Julia said: “I do firmly believe that Amanda is still alive, but occasionally those doubts creep in and I try to dispel them as I can.”Hawaiian authorities also released surveillance footage last week showing Ms Eller at the Ha’iku Post Office and a local store on the morning she went missing. Police found her white Toyota RAV4 in the parking lot of the forest trail soon after she was declared missing.Although it is not yet known how she came to get stuck in the ravine, Mr Berquist said the spot where she was finally found was “way off the beaten track”.He said: “She was not injured. She has a little bit of exposure from the sun, a little bit of sunburn. She lost her shoes a few days in. But no injuries.”

 RPT-Hong Kong protestors demand China be held to account for 1989 Tiananmen crackdown

RPT-Hong Kong protestors demand China be held to account for 1989 Tiananmen crackdownThousands of protesters marched through central Hong Kong on Sunday as part of annual demonstrations demanding that China be held accountable for its democracy crackdown in and around Tiananmen Square three decades ago. Human rights groups and witnesses say that hundreds, perhaps thousands, died in the bloodshed as Chinese tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square and soldiers fired on student-led democracy protesters, beginning on the night of June 3, 1989. The Tiananmen crackdown is a taboo subject in China and authorities have refused to accept full accountability or release the death toll.

 Eating Way Too Much Rice Almost Doomed Japan's Imperial Navy

Eating Way Too Much Rice Almost Doomed Japan's Imperial NavyAfter the war, the Emergency Beriberi Investigative Committee investigated the disease’s devastation of Japanese ranks. Worried about the composition of the committee and fully aware of Takaki’s success, the emperor stepped in. “The army’s beriberi problem can be effectively prevented if the army provides a staple of barley and rice,” the emperor stated.In August 1882 in Incheon Bay near Seoul, four Japanese warships were locked in a tense stand-off with two Chinese warships that had brought troops to quell a revolt on the Korean peninsula.On paper, the Japanese flotilla outnumbered the Chinese, but the hulls of the Japanese ships hid a deadly secret. Less than half of their crews could man their stations.The Korean peninsula erupted into conflict on July 23. A soldiers’ protest against ill treatment, unpaid wages and poor provisions turned into widespread mutiny. Ousted from power, the former regent of the king set the mutineers upon the government—and against the Japanese advisers working to modernize the Korean army.

 The Downfall of Theresa May, the Prime Minister Broken by Brexit

The Downfall of Theresa May, the Prime Minister Broken by BrexitThe couple went through to the prime minister’s private study together for a few moments alone. After three years battling the impossible contradictions of Brexit, she was resigning as U.K. prime minister, defeated at last. In truth, they had known a day earlier that there was no hope left, and the prime minister famous for her stubborn resilience would have to resign.

 Violence and disruption against abortion clinics at highest rates since 1999

Violence and disruption against abortion clinics at highest rates since 1999Violence and disruption against abortion clinics in the US increased to its highest levels since the 1990s last year, a report by the National Abortion Federation has found.The increase in violence was attributed, at least in part, to president Donald Trump and his administration’s rhetoric.The report noted a significant increase in obstruction, vandalism, and trespassing, with 1,135 incidents of trespassing recorded in 2018 - the most since the NAF began tracking the crime in 1999.There were also 3,038 instances of obstruction, a 78 per cent increase compared to the previous year, and nearly 100,000 instances of picketing.“Anti-choice individuals and groups have been emboldened by the rhetoric of president Trump, vice president Pence, and other elected officials and we are seeing this play out in more instances of activities meant to intimidate abortion providers and disrupt patient services,” said Dr Katherine Hancock Ragsdale, who serves as interim president and CEO of NAF.She added: “Demonising health care providers and women who rely on them for abortion care has become one of the go-to tactics for anti-choice politicians. Those lies have consequences and it is not the anti-choice politicians who are facing those consequences; it is those who are denied abortion care and the providers targeted by threats, harassment, and violence who are. It is time for the demonizing of abortion providers and their patients to end.“Given the political climate and the increase in hate incidents throughout the country, it is more important than ever that law enforcement and prosecutors appropriately respond to anti-abortion criminal activity.”The study did note a decrease in stalking, burglary, assault, and battery against abortion providers.It comes during a fresh wave of anti-abortion legislation such as the Alabama abortion ban, which is currently being contested in a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood, and “heartbeat bills” which ban elective abortion after a foetal heartbeat is detectable.As a foetal heartbeat is first detectable at six weeks - a point where many pregnant people may not even know they are pregnant - these initiatives are seen as a back-door abortion ban and are also being contested in court. Politicians in support of banning abortion hope these cases will rise to the Supreme Court of the United States and lead to an overturning of Roe V Wade, which set the precedent for elective abortion until the end of the second trimester in the US.

 Germany in push to resurrect Afghan talks with Taliban

Germany in push to resurrect Afghan talks with TalibanKABUL/BERLIN, May 26 (Reuters) - Germany, a leading donor and member of the NATO-led coalition in Afghanistan, has been talking with the Taliban and the Afghan government in an effort to restart peace talks to end 18 years of conflict, officials said. While the Taliban have been talking with U.S. officials since October about a withdrawal of international troops, they have so far refused formal talks with the Western-backed government, which they dismiss as a "puppet" regime. Berlin's special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Markus Potzel, has visited Kabul for talks with the Afghan government and met Taliban officials in Doha at least twice this month.

 Iran state TV fires managers over 'insult' to Sunnis

Iran state TV fires managers over 'insult' to SunnisIranian state TV has fired two channel managers over a live programme deemed insulting to Sunni Muslims, it said in a statement Sunday. The sackings at Channel 5 came after a broadcast on May 20 celebrating the birthday of the second imam in Shiite Islam, Hassan ibn Ali. During the programme, religious chanter and story-teller Ahmad Qadami recited a eulogy that "insulted the sanctities of Sunni Muslims", according to official news agency IRNA.

 Here's What's Open and Closed on Memorial Day 2019

Here's What's Open and Closed on Memorial Day 2019It's time for the three-day weekend. Here's what's open and closed on Memorial Day 2019 from Costco to Planet Fitness.

 Dating scam artist from California had 20 alleged victims in 8 states

Dating scam artist from California had 20 alleged victims in 8 statesAlleged victims of a social media "Don Juan" are emerging from across the nation as LAPD widens its fraud investigation of Wilson Edward Jackson.

 Back Home Again in Indiana: 11 Things to See or Do en Route to the Indy 500

Back Home Again in Indiana: 11 Things to See or Do en Route to the Indy 500

 New US charges against Assange may slow extradition from UK

New US charges against Assange may slow extradition from UKWASHINGTON (AP) — A new indictment against Julian Assange could further delay what was already expected to be a protracted battle to get the WikiLeaks founder out of a London jail cell and into a U.S. court, opening the door for his legal team to argue that the Espionage Act charges are political and thus not covered by an extradition treaty between the two countries.

 Trump's Japan trip: Sumo match, hibachi dinner, playing down North Korea's firing of 'small weapons'

Trump's Japan trip: Sumo match, hibachi dinner, playing down North Korea's firing of 'small weapons'President Donald Trump tweeted that he was not concerned about the firing of "some small weapons" and praised North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

 The Glock 36: A Really Big Gun in a Small Package

The Glock 36: A Really Big Gun in a Small PackageUntil recently, the most common compact .45 caliber handgun was of a type known as the Officer’s model. A derivative of the 1911A1 Government, in 2011 it was finally superseded by an even lighter pistol—the Glock 36. Chambered in .45 ACP and following the same winning formula as previous Glocks, the model 36 could be the best compact single stack .45 on the market today.The 1911 .45 caliber pistol, designed by John Moses Browning, was one of the most successful pistols of all time. Adopted by the U.S. Armed Forces in time for World War I, it served on through World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, and the waning years of the Cold War. The slab-sided, all-steel pistol was large, heavy, and imposing, but it was also durable and could last for decades. Colt’s Manufacturing subsequently developed and released a smaller and lighter version, the Colt Commander, but it failed to gain traction to replace the original 1911A1.

 Rape and incest account for hardly any abortions. So why are they now a focus?

Rape and incest account for hardly any abortions. So why are they now a focus?Just 1%of women obtain an abortion because they became pregnant through rape, and less than 0.5% do so because ofincest.

 Oklahoma takes on drugmakers J&J, Teva in landmark opioid trial

Oklahoma takes on drugmakers J&J, Teva in landmark opioid trial"At that time, there was a lot of over-prescribing, and I think people in his life were able to get him opioids." The question of why painkillers flooded into Oklahoma and the rest of the country will be the a central issue in a trial beginning Tuesday in Norman, Oklahoma, pitting the state against two drugmakers it accuses of fueling the epidemic: Johnson & Johnson and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter's $17 billion lawsuit is the first to go to trial of more than 2,000 actions by state and local governments accusing opioid manufacturers of contributing to an epidemic linked to a record 47,600 overdose deaths in 2017, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The state will seek to convince Cleveland County District Judge Thad Balkman to find that the companies created a public nuisance by using deceptive marking that downplayed their drugs' addictive risks while overstating their benefits.

 Trump urges Democrats to 'get over their anger' about Mueller report

Trump urges Democrats to 'get over their anger' about Mueller reportMedia praises Pelosi for 'getting under Trump's skin'; panel reaction and analysis on 'Hannity.'

 AD PRO's 20 Favorite Furnishings from ICFF

AD PRO's 20 Favorite Furnishings from ICFF

 Iraq warns of 'danger of war' as Iran's top diplomat visits

Iraq warns of 'danger of war' as Iran's top diplomat visitsIraqi leaders has warned of the risks of war during a visit by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, whose country is locked in a tense standoff with the United States. Zarif's visit to neighbouring Iraq -- which is caught in the middle of its two allies, the US and Iran -- follows a decision by Washington to deploy 1,500 additional troops to the Middle East. "We are currently repelling all the efforts of war against Iran, whether economic or military," Zarif said at a joint news conference with his Iraqi counterpart Mohammed Ali al-Hakim.

 First American Financial Data Leak Exposed Millions of Mortgage-Related Files

First American Financial Data Leak Exposed Millions of Mortgage-Related FilesThe leak of hundreds of millions of records by real estate title insurance company First American Financial could put the most private personal information of many American consumers at risk. The...

 Porsche 914 50th Anniversary Celebrated At Museum

Porsche 914 50th Anniversary Celebrated At MuseumThe Porsche Museum in Germany opens a special exhibit dedicated to 50 years of the 914. “In the mid-1960s, Porsche was striving to expand its position in the market with a sports car in the promising segment beneath the 911,” the museum said in an announcement about its exhibit.

 Donald Trump plays down North Korean missile tests - and appreciates Kim Jong-un's attack on Joe Biden

Donald Trump plays down North Korean missile tests - and appreciates Kim Jong-un's attack on Joe BidenIn an apparent contradiction of his national security adviser, Donald Trump on Sunday downplayed recent North Korean missile tests, tweeting from Tokyo that they’re not a concern for him - even though they are for Japan. The US president also said North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s attacks on one of his Democratic rivals, former Vice President Joe Biden, had made him smile. The remarks were the latest example of Mr Trump’s willingness to publicly undermine senior advisers, flout Democratic norms and side with totalitarian leaders, even on the world stage. He did so this time during a four-day state visit to Japan where he’ll become the first leader to meet with the country’s new emperor. "North Korea fired off some small weapons, which disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me," Mr Trump tweeted in one of a flurry of early morning messages that suggested he’d spent little time sleeping after the lengthy flight to Asia. North Korea fired off some small weapons, which disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me. I have confidence that Chairman Kim will keep his promise to me, & also smiled when he called Swampman Joe Biden a low IQ individual, & worse. Perhaps that’s sending me a signal?— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 26, 2019 "Some" of his "people" appear to include national security adviser John Bolton, who told reporters at a briefing on Saturday ahead of Mr Trump’s arrival that a series of short-range missile tests by North Korea earlier this month were a violation of UNSecurity Council resolutions. "In terms of violating UNSecurity Council resolutions, there is no doubt about that," said Mr Bolton, responding to the May 4 and 9 tests that ended a pause in launches that began in late 2017. Mr Trump ignored a shouted question on Sunday about whether he agreed with Mr Bolton’s assessment. Mr Trump and other administration officials have sought to downplay the significance of the tests, insisting they do not violate an agreement Mr Trump reached with Kim for a moratorium on launches. "The moratorium was focused, very focused, on intercontinental missile systems, the ones that threaten the United States," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a recent television interview. That raised alarm bells in Japan, where short-range missiles pose a serious threat because of the country’s proximity to North Korea. Donald Trump looks on after hitting a shot during a round of golf with Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe play golf at Mobara Country Club in Chiba prefecture Credit: Reuters Mr Trump in his tweet said he had "confidence that Chairman Kim will keep his promise to me," while at the same time embracing Kim’s recent attacks on Mr Biden, whose name he misspelled. Mr Trump said he "smiled" when Kim "called Swampman Joe Bidan a low IQ individual, & worse." "Perhaps that’s sending me a signal?" Mr Trump asked. Mr Trump later offered a new tweet with the correct "Biden" spelling. North Korea this week labelled Biden a "fool of low IQ" and an "imbecile bereft of elementary quality as a human being" after the US presidential hopeful accusedMr Trump of cozying up to "dictators and tyrants" like Kim and Russian President Vladimir Putin during his campaign launch speech. Mr Biden’s campaign would not comment on the record on Sunday, but a spokesman for his campaign, Andrew Bates, said on Wednesday that, "Given Vice President Biden’s record of standing up for American values and interests, it’s no surprise that North Korea would prefer that Donald Trump remain in the White House." 令和初の国賓としてお迎えしたトランプ大統領と千葉でゴルフです。新しい令和の時代も日米同盟をさらに揺るぎないものとしていきたいと考えています。— 安倍晋三 (@AbeShinzo) May 26, 2019 The tweet came early on Sunday before Mr Trump left his hotel for a round of golf with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He’ll also be attending a sumo wrestling match and handing out a "President’s Cup" to the winner as part of a visit meant to showcase the close ties between the nations.

 One U.S. Battleship Fired 65,000 .50 Caliber Rounds During Pearl Harbor

One U.S. Battleship Fired 65,000 .50 Caliber Rounds During Pearl HarborWearing his dungarees, Winsett ran the 50 yards back to the ship and his battle station, a .50-caliber machine gun facing toward the bow on the starboard side. He still believed it was just “another drill.” As soon as the stations were manned, Condition “YOKE” (Enemy Is Probable) was set by Captain C.M. Cooke, Jr.On Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, Gunner’s Mate Russell Winsett, 19, awoke at 5 am as he did most mornings. As he went topside he could see that the weather was like almost every December day in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, sunny blue skies with a few white puffy clouds.This was a day Winsett was looking forward to. He thought to himself, “It’s gonna be a beautiful day to visit the island with my cousin, his wife, and three kids.” Winsett had met his relative William Pope several months earlier when his family wrote and told him that he had a distant cousin also stationed at Pearl Harbor. Winsett had found the ship William was serving on, contacted him, and they met for a short visit. The next day his cousin went on a two-month cruise. Winsett was looking forward to reconnecting with his family member and getting to meet his wife and kids while taking in the sights of Hawaii. It was a long way from home for this Alabama farm boy.

 AP Explains: What lies ahead for UK after May's resignation

AP Explains: What lies ahead for UK after May's resignationLONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced she will step down as leader of the Conservative Party on June 7, starting a process that will lead to a Conservative Party leadership contest and a new British prime minister who will lead the government during the Brexit process. Here are answers to some questions about what this means.

 UPDATE 2-Fiat Chrysler in tie-up talks with Renault - sources

UPDATE 2-Fiat Chrysler in tie-up talks with Renault - sourcesMILAN/PARIS, May 25 (Reuters) - Fiat Chrysler and Renault are in talks on a comprehensive global tie-up that could address some of the main weaknesses of both carmakers, two sources with knowledge of the discussions told Reuters on Saturday. The talks are at an advanced stage, the sources said. The Financial Times earlier reported that FCA and Renault were discussing a deal to forge "extensive ties" to tackle structural challenges facing the global auto industry.

 Best Buy just canceled every preorder it took for the Galaxy Fold

Best Buy just canceled every preorder it took for the Galaxy FoldIt's going to keep getting worse for Samsung before it gets better, as Best Buy confirmed this week that all preorders for the Galaxy Fold have been canceled. This is a drastic step for the retailer to take, but following the catastrophe of the review cycle that preceded the planned April 26th launch date, Samsung had no choice but to delay the phone in order to determine why so many reviewers experienced severe issues with the hardware.Samsung has reportedly made a few significant changes to the Galaxy Fold to rectify the issues that sprang up while members of the media were reviewing the phone, such as attaching the protective film to the body of the phone and shrinking the gaps around the hinge that allowed foreign particles to wreak havoc within.In all likelihood, a new release date is coming in the near future, but Best Buy wasn't going to wait around any longer for an update from Samsung. As a result, anyone who preordered a Galaxy Fold from Best Buy has had their order automatically canceled. You can read the retailer's statement on the matter below:> The Samsung Galaxy Fold has become one of the most curious and highly anticipated devices of 2019\. While it seems like over the last few years the overall design cue of mobile phones has been all about rectangular slabs of metal and plastic with beautiful displays dominating every millimeter of the front, the Fold looked to be different. It is a bold challenge Samsung chose to undertake and one that has provided us with what is arguably one of the most beautiful pieces of mobile engineering in a long time. It has certainly set the precedence for mobile devices for 2019 and beyond.> > However, with breakthrough designs and technology come many hurdles and the possibility to face a plethora of unforeseen hiccups. These hurdles have led Samsung to postpone the release of the Galaxy Fold, and Samsung has not provided a new release date. Because we put our customers first and want to ensure they are taken care of in the best possible manner, Best Buy has decided to cancel all current pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold.If, despite all the issues and the extensive delay, you're still interested in picking up Samsung's first foldable phone, you can head to Best Buy's website and hit the Notify Me button. Best Buy will then provide you with any updates it receives on the phone, as well as the date it will finally be available to purchase.

 CVS, Payless and Victoria's Secret are just some of the brands closing stores in 2019

CVS, Payless and Victoria's Secret are just some of the brands closing stores in 2019While 2019 is on track to be a record year for store closings, it's not expected to bringthe same amount of empty retail space as last year.

 French Authorities Investigating Lyon Explosion as Potential Terror Attack

French Authorities Investigating Lyon Explosion as Potential Terror AttackFrench authorities are treating an explosion in the city of Lyon on Friday evening as a possible terror attack.The explosionof what investigators believe was a parcel bomb filled with screws, nuts, and bolts injured seven people, including an eight-year-old girl, around 5:30 p.m. local time in a busy shopping area on Rue Victor Hugo. No one died in the blast. Authorities are searching for a male cyclist between 30 and 35who was seen putting the parcel on the street outside a bakery, his face reportedly concealed by a mask and dark glasses.French interior minister Christophe Castaner said security will be upped in public areas. President Emmanuel Macron called the disaster an "attack" and said,"As far as I can say there are no victims — there are wounded.""Tonight I think of the wounded in the explosion in Lyon, their families affected by the violence that has befallen their loved ones in the street, and all of Lyon. We are by your side," Macron wrote on Twitter.Over 250 people have died in France as a result of terrorist attacks in the last four years.

 'Don't be too optimistic': Huawei employees fret at US ban

'Don't be too optimistic': Huawei employees fret at US banWhile Huawei's founder brushes aside a US ban against his company, the telecom giant's employees have been less sanguine, confessing fears for their future in online chat rooms. Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei declared this week the company has a hoard of microchips and the ability to make its own in order to withstand a potentially crippling US ban on using American components and software in its products. "If you really want to know what's going on with us, you can visit our Xinsheng Community," Ren told Chinese media, alluding to Huawei's internal forum partially open to viewers outside the company.

 Best Exterior Paints From Consumer Reports' Tests

Best Exterior Paints From Consumer Reports' TestsExterior paints have improved significantly in recent years. As a group, they're now more durable and less prone to cracking and fading. But there are still considerable differences among the 15 ...

 U.S. Sends 1,500 Troops to Mideast After Blaming Attacks on Iran

U.S. Sends 1,500 Troops to Mideast After Blaming Attacks on IranThe U.S. will bolster forces in the region by about 1,500 troops, though Trump and the Pentagon said that the deployment is for defensive purposes with a focus on missile defense, surveillance and keeping open shipping lanes in the Persian Gulf. “We’re going to be sending a relatively small number of troops to the Middle East,” Trump said as he departed the White House on Friday for Japan.

 Scouted: The 10 Best Memorial Day Mattress Sales, According to Experts

Scouted: The 10 Best Memorial Day Mattress Sales, According to ExpertsMemorial Day Weekend is famous for the many mattress sales it surfaces — and this year is no exception. To help you sift through all of your options, we teamed up with the expert reviewers over at Mattress Advisor to help us break down each of the best mattress deals around right now. Using a 6-point testing procedure and 8-point evaluation* in their Mattress Lab for every single mattress, they gave us some tips on what Scouted readers should know and keep in mind as they’re shopping this Memorial Day weekend for the greatest savings and highest quality mattress. Below we put together each of the sales with how much you’ll be saving, the codes you need to use for discounts, and insights into the mattresses themselves. Save up to $200 on mattresses at HelixSave up to $200 on mattresses at Helix: Use code MDW100 to get $100 off and two free Dream Pillows with any mattress purchase. Use code MDW150 to get $150 off any order of $1,250 and up (and get the free pillows). Use code MDW200 to get $200 off any order of $1,750 and up (and yes, free pillows). Here’s why the Mattress Advisor reviewers scored the Helix Midnight mattress 8.9 out of 10: “Helix is the perfect solution for couples. If you’re sharing your bed with a sleeping partner, you have the option to choose a dual comfort mattress (which personalizes each side of the bed based on test results). Are you a hot sleeper? If so, you can upgrade the outer cover of your Helix mattress to the Ultra-Cool knit cover to keep you from waking up in those midnight sweats.” Get up to 25% off sitewide at Brooklyn BeddingGet up to 25% off sitewide at Brooklyn Bedding: Use code MEMORIAL25. MA reviewers scored the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress 8.9: “Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are the real deal — they're made with quality materials and built to last. The Aurora is available in three firmness levels to provide a personalized level of comfort and support. This mattress is one of the coolest (temperature wise) mattresses we have ever had in the Mattress Lab. Even weeks after unboxing, it was still cool to the touch. Even though Brooklyn Bedding has retail locations, they still own the manufacturing process from start to finish and sell their mattresses directly to customers.”I’ve Been Sleeping on Brooklyn Bedding’s Hybrid Mattress for a Month. It’s the Best Sleep I’ve Ever Had.Get $125 off mattresses and two free pillows at NectarGet $125 off mattresses and two free pillows at Nectar: “The Nectar is a solid memory foam mattress at an unbeatable price — it's consistently our top recommendation for a best value mattress.” MA reviewers scored Nectar 8.7: “The Nectar mattress has a pretty happy (and well-rested) fan base — they have overwhelmingly positive reviews and fewer than 3% of customers end up returning their Nectar mattress. Nectar’s proprietary cover is specifically designed to keep out dust mites.Nectar is so confident that they make the best mattress for the price that they offer a lifetime warranty and trial period that lasts an entire year.”Save up to $700 on select mattresses and get a $300 gift with any purchase at TEMPUR-PedicSave up to $700 on select mattresses and get a $300 gift with any purchase at TEMPUR-Pedic: “We love the TEMPUR-breeze model — it's a great option for people who sleep hot but still want the contouring support of memory foam.” MA reviewers scored the TEMPUR-breeze 8.2: “The TEMPUR-Flex Supreme Breeze is a slightly plush hybrid mattress made with four layers of foam and coils. It’s designed to offer a cool and breathable sleep surface for people who tend to sleep hot.”Save up to $200 on mattresses at Nest BeddingSave up to $200 on mattresses at Nest Bedding: Use code SUMMERNEST to get $200 off the Alexander Signature Hybrid, the Alexander Signature, and the Hybrid Latex. MA reviewers scored Alexander Signature Hybrid 8.5: “[it’s] made of four premium layers, including foam and pocket coils — which offer great cooling properties, comfort, and edge support.” They add that “another factor to consider is that Nest Bedding offers six different types of mattresses, so if the Alexander Signature Hybrid doesn’t end up working for you, they’ll help you easily exchange it for one of their other mattresses.”Save up to $100 on mattress and get free sheets at PurpleSave up to $100 on mattress and get free sheets at Purple: The MA reviewers told us they have never seen this widespread a sale run at Purple, making it a “rare offer.” MA reviewers scored the Purple Mattress 8.5: “Purple's mattresses are great at cradling pressure points, which is a plus for side sleepers or people who suffer from back and joint pain.” What’s more, they really like that the bed’s “great for pressure relief, motion isolation and natural airflow that keeps you cool.”Scouted readers get $75 off their order at SaatvaScouted readers get $75 off their order at Saatva: “Saatva mattresses are the definition of affordable American luxury. Their beds are handmade with quality, eco-friendly materials.” MA reviewers scored the Saatva Mattress 8.7: “Saatva is one of those mattresses that has all the bells and whistles: It’s customizable, made with quality materials, and it’s eco-friendly (although not 100% green). This mattress is known for having great edge and lumbar support. When you buy a Saatva mattress, you can customize the height, firmness, and size of your mattress, as well as the height of your foundation.”Get 15% off mattresses and two free pillows at LeesaGet 15% off mattresses and two free pillows at Leesa: The Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress is “great for side sleepers because of its pressure-relieving properties” and is “a luxury mattress made with pocket springs and memory foam. It provides the same great pressure relief as the Leesa with some additional bounce.” MA reviewers scored the Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress 9.4: “The Leesa Hybrid mattress is known for its responsive surface and pressure relieving abilities making it a great option for combination sleepers or sleepers with back pain given its pressure relieving abilities. Since the Leesa Hybrid mattress is topped with a layer of foam, you’ll get better motion isolation than a traditional innerspring mattress alone.”Save 20% sitewide and get two free pillows at Bear MattressSave 20% sitewide and get two free pillows at Bear Mattress: Use code MD20. MA reviewers scored the Bear Mattress 8.6: “The Bear Hybrid mattress is a good choice for people who want comfort and support in their mattress. Bear is a great mattress for athletes or people with active lifestyles because of its pressure relieving properties, cooling properties, and muscle recovery technology.”Get 15% off mattresses and 30% off bedding at Allswell: Use code SUMMER.Get 15% off mattresses and 30% off bedding at Allswell: Use code SUMMER. MA reviewers scored the Luxe Hybrid Mattress 8.6: “Allswell’s Luxe Hybrid mattress is a medium-firm hybrid mattress made with three layers of memory foam and hundreds of individually wrapped coils. With Allswell, you can complete your entire bedding look with curated bedding accessories inspired by well-known interior designers. The products needed to recreate each style will be added to your cart with the click of a button.” Additional mattress sales to check out: * Save up to $700 on mattresses at Mattress Firm * Get $200 off mattresses and free in-home delivery (usually $400) at Eight SleepSleep Tech Now Lets You Regulate Body Temperature While You Sleep With The New Eight Sleep Pod*Learn more about the Mattress Advisor review process and the 6-point testing procedure and 8-point evaluation they conduct in their Mattress Lab for every single mattress.Scouted is internet shopping with a pulse. Follow us on Twitter and sign up for our newsletter for even more recommendations and exclusive content. Please note that if you buy something featured in one of our posts, The Daily Beast may collect a share of salesRead more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

 Jury finds man guilty of murder in Tennessee church shooting

Jury finds man guilty of murder in Tennessee church shootingA jury on Friday found a man guilty of first-degree murder in a shooting at a Nashville church two years ago that left a woman dead and seven wounded.

 U.S. judge blocks Mississippi 'heartbeat' abortion ban

U.S. judge blocks Mississippi 'heartbeat' abortion banMississippi Governor Phil Bryant, a Republican, signed the so-called "hearbeat bill" into law in March, and the measure had been due to take effect on July 1. Mississippi is one of several states, including Georgia and Alabama, where Republican-controlled legislatures have enacted strict anti-abortion measures this year in direct challenge to the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing a woman's right to terminate her pregnancy. Roe held that the due process clause of the 14th Amendment provides a fundamental right to privacy protecting a woman's right to abortion, though it allows states to restrict the procedure from the time a fetus can viably survive outside the womb, which the opinion placed at 24 to 28 weeks from conception.

 Get the Charming Look of the Kentucky Getaway

Get the Charming Look of the Kentucky Getaway

 This $8.99 iPhone case is perfect for people who hate iPhone cases

This $8.99 iPhone case is perfect for people who hate iPhone casesSome people are happy to spend hundreds or even more than $1,000 on an iPhone and then roll the dice by not protecting it with a case. We can totally understand not wanting to ruin Apple's design with a big, bulky case, but you can still protect your phone from scratches. Check out the TOZO Ultra-Thin Hard Cover for iPhone, which is only $8.99 on Amazon. It's paper thin so it won't really help with drops, but it'll do a great job of stopping scratches and swirls that would otherwise be inevitable.Here's more info from the product page: * Thin Like Naked- 0.35mm World Thinest protect Hard case. Maximum keep your iPhone XR, iPhone XS, or iPhone XS Max slim and provide scratch protection. * Concise Designed- Semi Transparent, Simple, Elegant * MATTE FACE - with matte optical texture, anti-glare(reduced reflection),reducing fingerprints or grease buildup. * CAMERA RAISED - Camera hole ring raised protective layer, provide cell phone camera detail protection. * PERFECT FIT - Specially designed for iPhone (2018 models), has precise cutouts for speakers, charging ports and buttons.

 Syrian troops regain control of village they lost to rebels

Syrian troops regain control of village they lost to rebelsDAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — Syrian government forces regained control of a northwestern village on Sunday, just days after losing it to militants, state media and an opposition war monitoring group said.

 U.S. oil drillers cut rigs for third week in a row -Baker Hughes

U.S. oil drillers cut rigs for third week in a row -Baker HughesU.S. energy firms this week reduced the number of oil rigs operating for a third week in a row as weaker oil prices encourage drillers to follow through on plans to cut spending. Drillers cut five oil rigs in the week to May 24, bringing the total count down to 797, the lowest since March 2018, General Electric Co's Baker Hughes energy services firm said in its closely followed report on Friday. The rig count, an early indicator of future output, has declined over the past five months as independent exploration and production companies cut spending on new drilling as they focus more on earnings growth instead of increased output.

 Immaculate 1992 Land Rover Discovery 200tdi Will Cost You $17k

Immaculate 1992 Land Rover Discovery 200tdi Will Cost You $17kBuying a first-generation Land Rover Discovery used to be cheap. The Land Rover Discovery has endured hard times in the used car marketplace. As the Range Rover Classic has quickly become one of the most desirable, sought after and expensive collector cars on the planet, those of more rational or ‘peasant status’ have turned to the humbled Discovery in search of everyday practicality with up-coming collector car status.

 Trump's latest 'Infrastructure Week' is over in 3 minutes

Trump's latest 'Infrastructure Week' is over in 3 minutesInfrastructure Week continues to play a vital symbolic role in Washington.

 Global court to rule on Russia's detention of Ukrainian sailors

Global court to rule on Russia's detention of Ukrainian sailorsAn international tribunal is due to rule Saturday on a dispute over Russia's holding 24 Ukrainian sailors and three naval vessels seized off the Crimea peninsula late last year. Judge Jin-Hyun Paik of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in the German port city of Hamburg was scheduled to announce its decision at noon (1000 GMT). The incident in November in the Kerch Strait was the most dangerous direct clash in years between Russia and its ex-Soviet neighbour, which have been locked in conflict for over five years.

 Scouted: These Portable Bluetooth Speakers Have a 4.9-Star Average Rating — and Are On Sale Right Now

Scouted: These Portable Bluetooth Speakers Have a 4.9-Star Average Rating — and Are On Sale Right NowThe folks at one of Scouted readers’ favorite electronics brands Anker has repackaged their extremely highly rated Bluetooth speakers into a perfect Father’s Day gift — and marked down the price by 23%. The Soundcore Flare portable speakers, which play multi-directional sound and sync to each other for custom style surround sound, are $50 right now (that’s the lowest price they’ve ever been) and come with a limited edition travel case. The enhanced bass, all-around 360-degree sound, and LEDs that phase, pulse, and shine in sync with your music, got reviewers to rate the Flares 4.9 stars, on average — a rare occurrence to be that well-liked. Use code ILOVEFATHER to trigger the discount at checkout and give your dad a pair of portable speakers that are easy to use, modern, and which will supplant a lack of entertainment at any family get together or party for many years to come.Scouted is internet shopping with a pulse. Follow us on Twitter and sign up for our newsletter for even more recommendations and exclusive content. Please note that if you buy something featured in one of our posts, The Daily Beast may collect a share of sales.Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

 POLL-Support for abortion rights grows as some U.S. states curb access: Reuters/Ipsos poll

POLL-Support for abortion rights grows as some U.S. states curb access: Reuters/Ipsos pollAmericans have become more supportive of abortion rights over the past year, even as a wave of Republican-controlled state governments have imposed new restrictions, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Sunday. The poll found that 58% of American adults said abortion should be legal in most or all cases, up from 50% who said that in a similar poll that ran in July 2018. While support broke down along partisan lines, passions were higher among registered Democrats, with 81% saying abortion should be legal in most or all cases, while 55% of registered Republicans said it should be illegal in most or all cases.

 DEFEATED: These are the 5 Worst U.S. Generals Who Ever Served

DEFEATED: These are the 5 Worst U.S. Generals Who Ever ServedThe American Civil War was a factory for producing bad generals such as Braxton Bragg and Ambrose Burnside.It would be nice if all American generals were great. How might Vietnam or Iraq have turned out if a George Washington, a Ulysses Grant or a George Patton had been in command?(This first appeared several years ago.)Alas, call it the laws of probability or just cosmic karma, but every nation produces bad generals as well as good ones—and America is no exception.What is a bad general? Defining that is like defining a bad meal. Some would say that failure on the battlefield warrants censure. Others would say that it is not victory, but success in fulfilling a mission that counts.But for whatever reason, some American commanders have lost the battle for history. Here are five of America's worst generals:Horatio Gates:Great generals have great talents, and usually egos and ambitions to match. Yet backstabbing your commander-in-chief in the middle of a war is taking ambition a little too far. A former British officer,Gatesrose to fameas Continental Army commander during the momentous American defeat of a British army at Saratoga in 1777.Many historians credit Benedict Arnold and others with being the real victors of Saratoga. Gates thought otherwise, and fancied himself a better commander than George Washington. It's not the first time that someone thought he was smarter than his boss. But Gates could have doomed the American Revolution.

 New report teases crazy next-gen tech coming to the iPhone 11s next year

New report teases crazy next-gen tech coming to the iPhone 11s next yearForget about all those gorgeous renders that depict the new design changes coming to the 2019 iPhone 11 series phones, as there's a far more exciting rumor in town. A new report says the 2020 iPhone 11s models will come with a crazy next-gen feature that's not currently found on any other smartphone. Samsung's flagship Galaxy S10 was released earlier this year, bringing a brand new all-screen design, one that looks a lot better than alternatives. It also introduced another feature that nobody in the business has for the time being. Apple has been developing its own version of this tech for years, and while it looked like the company might end up never actually using it in its iPhones, this new report seems to indicate Apple may have reversed course.The notch may not look as good as an Infinity-O display, but it still packs a feature that's not available on any Samsung phone" 3D facial recognition that can be used for secure authentication and mobile payments. Come 2020, the iPhone will receive a bunch of upgrades, according to a Barclays report from Blayne Curtis seen by MacRumors, including 5G support and 3D-sensing rear cameras. More interestingly, the phones could feature "acoustic fingerprint technology," which could turn the entire display into a Touch ID sensor to let iPhone users unlock their phones with a fingerprint once again.Acoustic or ultrasonic fingerprint technology is what Samsung uses for its in-display fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S10 series. Competing devices from top Android makers rely on optical sensors. Samsung's sensor still only allows a single point of contact for reading one's fingerprint, however. If this new report pans out, Apple's tech will read your fingerprint no matter where you touch the screen.Apple dropped Touch ID on iPhones last year, after introducing the first phone without a fingerprint sensor in September 2017. As expected, not everyone liked it, since some people think Touch ID is more convenient than Face ID. However, Apple had patents describing in-display fingerprint sensors that bounce sound waves off the screen and a fingerprint to authenticate users, well before the Galaxy S10 came out.If this note is accurate, then Apple might reintroduce Touch ID next year, offering users a more advanced version than what's available on Android phones, Galaxy S10 included. Curtis also claims that Apple will launch an iPhone SE 2 in 2020, with the phone expected to feature the same main internal components as the iPhone 8.The 2019 iPhones, meanwhile, are expected to deliver the same design as their predecessors, the same report claims. The report notes that the phones will get triple-lens rear cameras and will lose 3D Touch support. The iPhone 11R, or whatever Apple ends up calling it, will get 4GB of RAM instead of 3GB in the iPhone XR. Finally, all phones should hit manufacturing at some point in July or August, according to the report.


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