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In the last two years, Internet technologies have started being widely applied for building corporate intranet modules and software. They are also increasingly becoming a standard for building software packages. A good example of this would be the Encarta encyclopedia package from Microsoft Corporation.

The two unique advantages of using Internet technologies to build corporate solutions are easy to see. One, these can be smoothly integrated with other corporate intranet modules, and your website. And two, the widespread acceptance and implementation of corporate Intranet standards ensure that modules built using them will be future ready. It will be very easy to integrate these with future upcoming technologies.

At Pegasus, we build modules for simplifying various operations:

  • Human Resources
    Our human resource solutions cover all standard HR functions, which include: training, development, schedule and payroll. Our team will help deploy your solutions right from basic requirement analysis to the final training of your workforce.
  • Content Development
    Our team develops content in the form of a corporate knowledge base and product CDs. Video and audio clips, periodic tests, interesting facts, latest news and related links can be added to boost learning.
    This solution is built such that it can easily be integrated into your overall e-learning module as needed. It can also be used to collect feedback on your products and services, and test the user's knowledge about your products.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Our customized supply chain management solutions will vastly simplify and expediate your supplier and inventory management, in-process material and money estimation, and order processing. These will be tailor made to your specific corporate requirements.
  • Sales
    We design and implement applications to simplify your sales network management. This will give you real time information about your distributor and sales performance.

To know more about us, our services and solutions, drop us a message or mail us at

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