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rticles: Tools of Marketing

Article submission is an efficient method of marketing. They are responsible for increasing your site traffic and getting back links. To continue the flow of traffic to your site it is essential to submit articles on regular basis.

It is time consuming to submit one article at a time. And that too when there are huge numbers of article submission sites available. Each directory has different submission requirements which you have to follow in order to submit your article. The best way to save your time will be to use article submission software or an article directory submission services.

The only negative point of this is the cost. But time is money, you save time you save money. Once you install this software you don’t have to spend time in manually submitting articles to the websites. You will be able to concentrate on more productive part of marketing.

Article submitter pro is article submission software which is not completely automatic. However some automation is better than none. It is less costly option and you will need some time to get used to it. Another option to be considered will be outsourcing article submission.

Advantages of article submission service providers are :

    1. They grow their list of article directory sites that they submit to which can run into thousands.
    2. They keep their lists up-to-date. You will have to manage the list yourself if you use an article submission software.
Examples of article submission service providers

Depending on the rules and regulations and the budget you can choose the best option. Its always advantageous to use more than one service as you get a greater exposure your articles are seen across a number of directories.

Article directory submission software or outsourcing article submissions are two ways to reduce your workload especially if you own a small time online business. It is advisable to choose optimal budget-time option that will give you the best mileage for successful article marketing

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